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 by Frank Shortt
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As the White-Crowned symbol of the U.S.A. dived down to a lake in Iowa, it missed the mark by misjudging its target. Hunger had prompted it to take a chance! It ended up in the lake, soiling its beautiful plumage, as well as, its pride.

As it ended up in the lake, it became prey to whatever the hunter of eagles may be, looking for a helpless, and luckless dinner. This has become the way of some wretched, hapless men who take advantage of situations where they do not have to strive for their next meal.

The eagle finally struggled out of the lake and reached what it thought a safe place in a dead tree trunk. It began to preen and smooth its feathers, as well as, its pride. It hoped to be able to become a normal eagle before its fellow eagles came by and began to belittle the luckless one.

We in America have become accustomed to diving for each shady, star-crossed deal that is offered by those who are supposed to be leading us. They are hoping that we will continue to kneel to their whims and petty demands. With an election coming up in the USA with not much to offer in the way of leadership, are we once again about to ‘dive into the lake’ having to seek a safe place to preen our feathers, and our pride? Doesn’t America have anything to offer in the way of leadership? They take for granted that we will vote for them as we have embraced their party in the past.

The USA is in one of the worst pandemics that could ever strike her, not only the Covid-19 plague, but the way that men and women have become so complacent to what is happening to us. We are willing to take hand-outs, no matter where they come from. We do not lay aside for the rainy day and, therefore, we become dependent upon the very ones that can take us into their clutches for countless future generations.

It is my prayer that we unfortunate ones do not end up in the deep of despair without someone to help us preen our feathers, swallow our pride, and squelch the ache that is sure to follow all this madness! We must individually walk softly, keeping our eyes and our hearts open to greater possibilities!

If we watch nature, we are sure to see how the animal kingdom represents us in many ways. If left alone, the animal kingdom will work things out to an agreeable solution, such as the eagle which knew that if it did not dry its feathers, it would soon become prey to another stronger and volatile enemy!

Sometimes we must allow our pride to be hurt in order to learn the greatest lessons of life!