Walls vs. Drugs, and Other Problems
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 by Frank Shortt
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The walls of the ancient city of Babylon, according to Greek historian Herodotus in 450 B.C., were 320 feet high, 56 miles long (One city), and 80 feet thick. The walls were reputed to be wide enough to run four horse chariot races around them.

As King Belteshazzar celebrated a great feast in remembrance of his grandfather, Nebuchadnezzar, who had built the wall, the Medo-Persians were almost within striking distance of his great court. The M.P.’s had been digging for countless days in order to take over the Babylonian Kingdom. Unbeknownst to those in the palace who were reveling, drinking, (probably stoking up on drugs of the day) and performing their trysts, they were about to have a rude awakening. The M.P.’s had already infiltrated the kingdom with spies who had worked their way into the king’s good graces and were ready to strike the men closest to the king at a signal from the ones digging under the walls. The wall did not stop this underground onslaught!

In America, as noted by statistics in the year 2018, there were 19.8 people using Marijuana. Six million men, women, as well as children, were using prescription drugs, and these were nonmedical users. Cocaine was being used by 1.5 million addicted souls. Hallucinogens, including Ecstasy, had 1.3 million users. Methamphetamines, mostly manufactured by illegal means in the U.S. claimed almost 600,000 users. Heroin, the most expensive drug, had a mere 300,000 users. Did a wall around the USA stop these drug users? Did these drugs come in from other countries?

In the year 2018 there were over 15,000 people killed in acts of homicide in the USA! Our own citizens are killing each other at the highest rate ever known in the history of the U.S. Very few of these acts are committed by legal immigrants. Most legal immigrants are too busy making a living to be caught up in such doings. They are slaving, at sometimes 2 and 3 jobs in order to have a roof over their heads, especially in light of the present economy and the prices of housing. Would a wall at our southern border prevent all the mass murders being committed in our own country?

I ask these questions, not being pro or con the present arguments about security, but just to point out the growing corruption that multiplies in our midst. Is it a result of ‘having too much too soon’ and not being able to cope with sudden wealth? Ghetto and Barrio children are in their present situations because their guardians have chosen, or been pushed into, these conditions? Chicago, smack dab in the heart of our great Nation, has the highest crime rate of any U.S. City. Even New York and Los Angeles pale at the statistics in Chicago! What is the cause of these high crime statistics there? Did all the criminals in the larger eastern cities decide to converge on Chicago? Or, were the criminal element born there and, all of a sudden, multiplied? It would take years of research to come up with answers to these and many questions that are being asked by most decent-thinking Americans! According to science, we do not have too many years left on the old environmental calendar! There are pros and cons about this opinion, also!

Would a border wall stop the ongoing corruption in the U.S.? It is my honest opinion that walls might stop a certain amount of human and drug trafficking from without, but walls will not stop the growing mass of corruption within! It is up to the individual to decide whether or not they will join the ranks of the corruptors!