Walk Softly, Mr. Trump
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 by Frank Shortt
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Teddy Roosevelt, a very strong and courageous leader of the United States of America, had a wonderful motto: “Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick”!

Mr. Trump, you have some very good ideas that would eventually help the citizens of the United States. During World War 2, America was considered a great nation because she was footing the bill for the most expensive war ever fought. She also provided most of the manpower, airpower, and ground power to defeat Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini! Since W.W. 2, it seems that we have steadily gone down in morals, aptitude, and mostly, friendship!

You are questioned, not because you are not trying to do a good job! You are not being questioned because the economy has suddenly taken and upturn! You are being questioned because you are too free with your words about other people, your own greatness, and spending too much time on twitter.

You are beginning to do a great job! The economy has climbed because of less unemployment, greater returns on investments, and some of the jobs that were being done out of country are now coming back to our shores.

There was a king in Israel during the time of the Roman Empire who, because of being able to negotiate with the Romans, was causing the conquered Israelites to begin to prosper again. He repeatedly self-proclaimed his importance, and went down to Jericho to again proclaim his importance. While there, he died a painful death by intense itching, painful intestinal problems, breathlessness, convulsions in every limb and gangrene!  In essence what happened to Herod the Great was, the worms ate him! This was proclaimed by historians as a death caused by proclaiming himself greater than his Creator!

It is very hard to understand why that you, Mr. Trump, are not willing to accept the results of the Mueller report and just move on. Why do you have to wreak havoc on your so-called enemies? Wouldn’t it be better to just let things lie idle for a while and allow a time of healing? It has been said that, when one stirs a pot of waste, “the more you stir it, the more it stinks!” Please, Mr. President, stop stirring the pot! Try to reach across the aisle, as you promised in your last State of the Union speech. Have you stirred up a hornet’s nest that cannot be settled?

It has been realized by most Americans that there were some things in Washington that needed fixing, such as, over spending, too much welfare, government being taken advantage of, and needing to be roused out of their complacence. This has been accomplished to a certain degree. There are those in public office who are feeling mighty uncomfortable at all that you have unearthed. This is why there is so much opposition to your policies! Even your own political party has had to take a second look at their lack of being able to get even a simple law enacted. What is the answer?

It has been said that when a king goes out to battle another kingdom, he should first sit down and consider the cost. Does he have sufficient money to wage the war? Does he have sufficient wise men to direct the battle? Does he begin to telegraph his blows, so to speak, allowing the other kingdom to know each and every move he is planning to make? These are some things that you might want to think about, Mr. Trump, as the battle from within our own ranks is hot and heavy!

Some good advice is: Lay off twitter for a spell! Lay off threatening your enemies! Make sure you have sufficient resources to finish a battle before you start it! Most of all begin being the great president that you have proclaimed yourself to be!

Will President Trump read this? I doubt it, but I at least got it off my chest!