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(Five years from today)
The candidate was trying to be folksy - one of the people. He had taken off his dark blue sports jacket, removed his red, presidential appearing tie and unbuttoned his top shirt button. He ran his right hand fingers through his newly styled hair and listened to his introduction by the governor of the state.
      "And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the next president of the United States of America. The crowd, which filled the largest convention center in the state, stood and applauded as the candidate walked to the podium and acknowledged the cheering.
      "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much." The candidate kept repeating. Finally the crowd sat down and stopped clapping.
      "My fellow Americans, I appreciate being in your fine state. I've come here to speak to you about our country and the problems we are having."
      The candidate smiled broadly, took a deep breath and got to the meat of his presentation.
      "Our current president has done nothing to relieve Americans of the serious problems we face. I plan on winning this election and solving our nation's problems"
      "The first thing I will do when I move into the Oval Office will be to put twelve million Americans to work. We will open factories across this land and millions of Americans will be able to afford a new home, a new car and send their children to college."
      "Then we will lower taxes for all Americans. We pay too much in taxes. We will lower the average American's tax bill and we will see to it that all Americans benefit from the successes of Wall Street."
      "We will re-build our military might. We will increase our military strength by building more fighting ships and enlarging our Army. We will increase our Marine Corps and we will equip them with the latest in conventional, nuclear and electronic weapons."
      "Under my administration we will return to exploring space. We will resume the Shuttle program and we will colonize the moon and eventually the planet Mars. NASA will become larger than it has ever been."
      "We will build and repair America's roads and highways. Many of our dams and bridges are in need of repair and replacing. We will start a program immediately to fix America's infrastructure. This program will also put millions of Americans back to work, earning livable wages."
      "Around the world America's image has declined. We will begin by visiting the great countries of the world and showing the people there that Americans are strong and good neighbors."
      "We will support the people of Israel. We will continue being good neighbors and we will support any action that Israel may take against their enemies."
      "Shortly after taking office we will begin a program to attack the youth gang problem that infects many of our cities. We will put these young people to work so they can earn a good wage and get off the streets. We will also cure the drug problem in our nation by hiring forty thousand more drug enforcement personnel. We will also enact more legislation that will put drug users and sellers in prison for longer periods. We will greatly reduce our drug problems."
      "We will give our support to the 1 percent of Americans who pay the highest taxes and contribute to the growth of the country. We will not raise their taxes. They pay enough as it is."
      "And so, my fellow Americans, we hope that you will find it in your hearts to cast your vote for the new America. And now I'll be glad to take a few questions from you."
      "Yes, the young man in the front row."
      "Yes,sir. How do you expect to pay for all of these changes and improvements in the country, especially without raising taxes?"
      The candidate appeared startled. His face flushed.
      All he could say was, "Uh, next question."