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Following are the world's worst polluters in order:

1.       China

2.      United States of America

3.      India

4.      Russia

5.      Japan

The atmosphere around the planet is of utmost importance for the health and welfare of all Earth’s citizens. We must breathe clean air!

Now let us consider another important aspect of survival: Food! The world’s water supply allows for the majority of mankind’s food sources in the form of fish, seaweed, and whatever else lives in water. It is unfathomable how many pollutants are dumped into our waterways daily by the top three polluters in order:

1.       China

2.      India

3.     United States of America

These pollutants are in the form of toxic waste, plastics, human and animal excrement, and people bathing in the water. Yes, bathing in the water!

Toxic waste is dumped into our waterways worldwide to the tune of 180M tons per day. This means that thousands of fish and wildlife will die worldwide. Scientists figured that in 2010, about eight million tons of plastic trash entered the world’s waterways. Every day, according to National Geographic Magazine, two million tons of untreated sewage is dumped into the world’s waterways, not to mention the animal sewage that almost equals the human waste. When a person bathes in a natural water supply, they normally slather their body with sunscreen, tanning enhancers, etc. These are chemicals designed for an ultimate goal: a quick tan without becoming a candidate for skin cancer.  According to studies, 75% of sunscreens are toxic.Certain sunscreens in water under ultra-violet light can increase the production of hydrogen peroxide, which damages  phytoplankton. Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, a common ingredient of sunscreens, can accumulate in coastal waters and be ingested by marine animals. Anything that is ingested by marine life affects our food supply.

Fossil fuels are taking an awful beating. Men have been burning wood, coal, oil, peat, and even buffalo chips for thousands of years to heat his wigwam, townhome, tent, and house. Then along came the automobile which has produced more pollutants, since it was invented, than all the fossil fuel burning that man had been doing for all those past centuries. So who is the culprit for polluting our planet? Answer: Mankind as a whole. If mankind did not exist, there would be no pollutants. There would be no need to heat our homes and factories. There would be no need to ‘fuel up the old jalopy’ for a Sunday ride. There would be no need to use the outhouse, sewage ditch, or indoor bathroom. Unfortunately, mankind came along and required more each year to sate his insatiable appetite for new things.

There was recently an article on Yahoo which informed us that twenty young folks were suing the Federal Government in order to assure that they could grow up in a healthy environment! This is very laughable. Do they expect the United States Government to suddenly overturn thousands of years of pollution in the amount of time it would take each of them to grow up? What about the other four major polluters in the world? Do they get sued too? This is like shoveling sand against the tide, when most of China and Japan’s pollutants end up on California, Oregon, and Washington’s beaches due to the prevailing tides that come our way. These states are still cleaning up from the last major earthquake, and resulting tsunami, that Japan experienced.

When instituting a suit against any government, one must first get some straight facts. It took many, many years to build the Roman Empire, but only a few days to burn it to the ground. If every special interest group suddenly decided to sue the Federal Government, how much longer would ‘Old Glory’ fly?

Is someone just trying to get their name  in the media?