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 by Laramie Boyd
Under the Big Tent (Must the Show Go On?)
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     Am I missing something about what's going on in the government of the good old USA? According to the "news" reports on the web and daily papers, all that's being done by the leaders and hope-to-be leaders in the Capitol is an all out effort to find some "I gotcha" event in the lives of their "opponents". Looks to me like the people who are supposed to be working hard at it in solving some of the problems that are weakening the social structure of the country are just witch hunting. Hey! Those people on opposite sides of the aisle are not Nazis, or die hard Communists, or Islamic terrorists. They are Americans too, aren't they? They are supposedly on your side. Or have the lawmakers (and lawbreakers by the way) gone too far in their efforts to gain reelection by any subversive means?
     It turns my stomach to turn on to a news channel and see and hear some Democrat or Republican trying to dig up some, any, possible item about the other party, true or not, in hopes of enhancing their party's chances of victory come the 2020 elections by denigrating the other party, over and over and over. Is this what they were elected to do? Keep greasing their own wheels? I wonder how much time the Congress spends on any official business of running the country for the good of the country and its people, as compared to sleazy, vitriolic, behind closed doors conversations on how to make the other party look undeserving, often even criminal. I believe the lawmakers and leaders of both parties are wasting taxpayer money. They are not doing the job they were supposedly elected to do. What do they do all day? They are a disgrace and an embarrassment to themselves and to the citizens of this country. Sometimes I wonder if the country might just run itself better if there was a government shutdown, used as a time for introspection and evaluation of the aims and efforts of those people who are setting improper standards of conduct. Close shop. Let the country run itself for awhile and ponder what good these politicians have done for America lately. And be ready to face the ugly answers. Fat chance of that happening, I suppose. But it might even be a cathartic experience for all.
     If that circus in Washington D.C. doesn't begin to seek ways to get back to doing a good job of running the country instead of trying to discredit it by their behavior, we are going to read in a Chinese, or Russian, or some other country's newspaper about the rise and fall of the country that once was, and may not still be, the greatest nation in history. If you believe otherwise, you are part of, if not all, of the problem. Wake up America, the time-bomb clock is clicking.
      I am concerned. These are not politically motivated remarks, as I am not seeking votes, or favors. There is no fake news, no LGBT issues, no unkept promises by presidents mentioned herein. No racial or immigration overtones noted or protests aired out. Just plain old opinions about the way our representatives in Washington D.C. are behaving. And you may or may not agree with any or all of them, at your leisure. But be advised that there will come a day of reckoning where either these and other ills are corrected or the face of America will be altered beyond recognition and repair, and our grand children and great grandchildren will miss out on what many of us believe could have been at least similar to our greatest generations.