Uncertain Trumpets
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 by Frank Shortt
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During this uncertain time in our history we are bombarded with thousands of voices sounding their trumpets about what or what should not be done to solve the issue.

Yahoo newspersons mostly spend their time finding fault with the present administration just to keep the ‘news mill’ grinding! No feasible suggestions are being made to help the situation. Why do they insist on keeping all of us stirred up instead of trying to calm us down? CNN, The New York Times , the Washington Post, and a slew of others are doing the same thing. Every move that is made to remedy the Covid19 epidemic is met with criticisms without offering a certain remedy themselves!

Ole Trump, on the other hand has made some pretty rash statements recently to try and speed the process along. If a president has appointed qualified men and women to be the authorities in the Covid19 situation, why does he persist in making his own rash opinions? It seems that Vice-President Pence has done an admirable job in keeping us informed as to progress that has been made in the crisis. A couple of the medical profession have made some great suggestions!

In ancient societies if a ruler wished to make something of importance known to the general populace, there were trumpeters appointed who were excellent at their trade.

They did not need to speculate about the situation, they only trumped what was actual fact. The different sounds of the trumpet was what revealed to the populace the importance of what was trumped. If the trumpet made an uncertain sound, the people would not know how or what to prepare for the upcoming event.

Folks, there are too many voices being shot at us at once! The general public do not know who or what to believe! One is saying this epidemic could last years and years, killing off half the population of the world! One says the opposite! The CDC is saying one thing and the WHO is saying something else, according to who is influencing them most. Is this not true of most news networks? What is being said is according to who pays them to say it!

Of all the things that are being said of how the President is handling the Covid19 situation, is there not one positive thing that he is doing to alleviate the situation for the most of us who are looking for an end to this situation? Are all his advisors in a situation of uncertainty and disillusionment? Is there not one among them who could be the only official spokesman to put out information to a hungry populace? What about the rest of the world? Who is their official spokesman? Are they all just ‘grabbing at straws’ and anything that will give them hope for one day?

It would be my suggestion, if given the chance, to find one medical authority, one who has done much research into the Covid19 virus, one who could give concrete information and allow that one to be the official spokesman. Tweeting what we think is the answer is not worth “one hill of pinto beans”! There are too many ‘uncertain sounds’ being allowed to express their opinions without any scientific proof!

The tactics of the Roman Empire was to keep the people they were trying to conquer in a state of confusion. Once the people in a city were totally confused, they went in and took over, sometimes without firing one arrow or wielding one sword. Another tactic was called, ‘divide and conquer’! They would send agents into the city and begin turning mayor against mayor, citizen against citizen, doctor against doctor, and finally when all were in a turmoil they would strike with the two-edged sword, so famous in history, and take over the whole situation. This was all well and good until, until….. they became so corrupt themselves that they could not possibly stand. What brings corruption? Too many trumpets being allowed to make uncertain sounds! Too many voices pretending to be authorities!

Are we on the road to certain corruption?