Two Heads Are Better Than One
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            The bible doesn't really call it a sin, not to my knowledge. People seem to interpret it that way. And even if it does, lust, gluttony, greed, envy, jealousy, pride, sloth, and wrath are also supposedly deadly sins. Yet humans in our flawed nature exercise all of these. So what makes a person who's life is driven by greed any less sinful than one lead by homosexuality? 

            Oh, wait, no I know. Gay men and lesbian women are morally corrupt! And them having children is putting the children's moral beliefs in danger of corruption! Maybe they'll grow up to be gay and follow in their parents sinful footsteps and find same-sex partners of their own! My gosh we must not let this happen!

            Please. That’s a load of bull.

           Am I supposed to believe that two loving men or two loving women entering a commitment with each other is wrong? And why? Because they love each other? Because they want to make a life together? Because they are mature and ready to start a family? That doesn’t sound wrong to me.

            In a controversial move, national fashion retailer JCPenney has published an ad for fathers day that depicts an actual gay couple and their two children from Texas. Cooper Smith and Todd Koch are pictured playing with their three-year-old son and daughter, all four dressed casually, sitting on the floor, smiles all around. The simple text on the ad reads: “First Pals - What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer, and hug giver - all rolled up into one. Or two.” It's the encore, so to speak, to the mothers day ad that showed two lesbians and their daughter.

            It’s a controversial move, one in a long series, that’s sparked outrage from a conservative group of women who call themselves “One Million Moms”. This group, which on Facebook only has about 40,000 members, has called for their members to boycott JC Penney, in addition calling and visiting their local stores and store managers demanding that these ads be removed from all press material.

           “[JCPenney’s] homosexual ads are desensitizing our children by normalizing this sinful lifestyle choice,” Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms said in a statement, “The bible clearly states that marriage is between a man and a woman. No one, including JCP, can redefine it.”

            One Million Moms has suggested to its members and supporters that they return the catalogue to JCPenney with the message “Refused…Return to Sender.”

           JCPenney CEO, Ron Johnson, in turn defended the ad with the following statement:

           “We want to be a store for all Americans. We're proud that our June book honors men from diverse backgrounds who all share the joy of fatherhood.”

            That’s a belief that Cooper Smith and Todd Koch agree with, one of the reasons they obliged to do the ad.

            “We knew that there would be some opposition, but it’s nothing that we haven’t heard from people our whole lives. It’s just a part of growing up gay.” Smith said, “That photo is actually a true second of our lives: just having fun, playing with our kids, and the affection and love that we have for them.”

            The couple claims that they are a normal family who were referred to JCPenney through a friend who knew about the company’s search for a gay couple and their children for the Father’s Day ad. Even with the opposition, the couple say that most of the feedback that they have received regarding the ad has been overwhelmingly positive and that they would do it all over again.

           Some kids don't even have a father, some kids only have one. These two three-year-olds are incredibly lucky to have two. And you know something? It’s none of our business. It’s not our business who these people love and who they choose to be with. If a man decides that he’d rather be with a man, then so be it. We have no right to intrude on their relationship and try to end their happiness and demean their love because it makes some people uncomfortable. And if you happen to come across a gay couple and it bothers you, simply turn around and walk away.

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