Two Bald Eagles Stuck in a Storm Drain
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        You may wonder, what is the significance of two bald eagles getting stuck in a storm drain? What is the symbol of America?
        In Florida, just yesterday, November 10, 2016, two majestic bald eagles got ensnared by a storm drain as they fought each other for territory!
        It seems strange that these two eagles chose Florida, of all places, to do their fighting! After much struggle, one eagle finally managed to release himself from the drain. The other had to be extracted by helpful hands willing to risk being pecked by the sharp beak of the female eagle, or ripped by the sharp claws. After being extracted, she was taken to a medical center for evaluation.
        Isn’t it amazing that Florida became the focus of the two eagles running for president in this election of 2016? All their resources, time and energy was spent to ensure that this became their territory! One of the federally protected eagles was able to pull himself out of the ‘storm’ drain and was able to fly into the Heavens! The other had to be extracted by friendly hands and is now being soothed by those who love her.
        The ‘storm drain’ remains. How many other eagles will be ensnared by this storm? How many other eagles will allow lust for a certain territory to hold them prisoner at this time? What are some of the things that are being lusted after? Is it wealth? Is it fame? Is it a place in society? Is it Social Security? Is it a medical program? Shouldn’t we all be pulling for the same thing, a better America we can all enjoy?
        The Audobon Center for Birds of Prey, stated, “It is nesting season for the eagles. What we have is a fight going on, and they fight unbelievably, but hopefully, not to the death!”
        Wake up America! What do you hope to gain by all this infighting over territory? What good are ashes, corpses, and empty store fronts? Why are you allowing lust to show up what you truly believe? Is this for the betterment of all Americans?
        After the female eagle is healed, she will be allowed to once again soar into the heavenlies, spread her wings, and become the example she showed before she became ensnared by the storm drain. If she chooses, she can become a bird of prey, sparing no other! Or, she can become a symbol of humility, hope, and an example for future generations.
        The other eagle has the opportunity to truly be an eagle. He can keep his promises, something an eagle always does. Why? He can only be an eagle and act like an eagle. He can be the example to the world that our symbol has always been. America has the opportunity to become the leader she has always been, or she can allow herself to become a lesser bird, stooping to eating carnage!  What will it be, Mr. Eagle?