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by John Nippolt
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digging a well
how deep it will go
no one can tell
all his appointments
are never confirmed
room under the bus
if you haven't learned
no matter your status
you'll all get your turn
if you get too close
he'll let you burn

oval office for sure
makes it hard to imagine
how one could endure
repeating his lies
again and again
his "best people" behind bars
can't save their own skin
Trumpty keeps tweeting
his lies and deceit
he thinks a "House" full of Dems
will never defeat
his Republican Senate
who are only in it
for the money
piling up at their feet

dreams of a great wall
only one thing greater
by way of his fall
bottom-fed lawyers
and money times ten
won't save him from time
in a Federal pen
let's make it right
on election night
they can never put Trumpty
together again