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Trumping Along
       I get a kick out of Donald Trump. I must admit that I enjoy watching him spit out childish insults, half-truths, no-truths, puerile theorems and harsh accusations. Some are funny, some shocking, some are simple inventions. Once in a while a pure and great truth will appear amidst his rantings.
       I enjoy watching him trade juvenile insults with his co-nominee hopefuls.
       Then I come back to reality and the realization that the man uttering these often wacky declarations is performing in hope that this countryís citizens will find him worthy of being elected president of the United States of America.
       My moments of elation are not long-lasting as the voice of common sense shouts to me that this man who is entertaining me could wind up being the next President of the United State of America.
       Using his manhoodís size or his checkbook balance to achieve high office is a novel way to campaign for President, but somewhere along the line Donald Trump has pierced and irritated a nerve in millions of otherwise sane and rational Americans. These millions are backing      Trump, it seems, in hope that he will continue to entertain and amaze them and also cure some of the serious ills that infect America.
       Some of The Trumpsterís goals make partial sense. Having closer scrutiny over who breeches our shores has value. Keeping rapists and killers on their own side of a border is good thinking. How to achieve these goals is another subject, of which we have not much heard.
       Apparently Trump has reached in and grabbed the psyche of millions of our citizens. He has hit upon and simplified what affects and bothers us. He has criticized the current presidential office holder for not safeguarding the incomes and safety of millions of Americans.
       He has painted a frightening picture of what America has become and then a bombastic picture of what the nation could be if he were to be its leader.
       There are blights upon Trumpís painted version of a Trump-led America.
       Imagining a Trump victory in November I conjure a vision of the White House bearing ten-foot high red letters spelling out TRUMP and flashing across Washington D.C. skies.
       I foresee the Presidentís Air Force One plane with the U.S. letters crossed out and TRUMP AIR stenciled on from front to rear of the fuselage.
       Donald Trump finds himself in the driverís seat today.
       Millions of Americanís are agreeing with many of Trumpís half-truth pronouncements and promises. Most of his promises are half-baked good sounding knee-jerk fast cures. Millions are today willing to put an X by his name on the ballot for President.
       Someday, in the months to come, I will miss having Donald Trump on stage performing his legerdemain. Someday soon there will be a Democrat and a Republican politician boring us to slumber with their own brand of bait and switch campaigning. Promising to do what they must realize, in truth, that they cannot do.
       We citizens will spend lethargic and boring hours in front of our television sets watching the mundane sameness from both political parties vie for the grandest office in the land. One will be elected and will face what our current President deals with daily Ė the frustration of politicians more interesting in having the other party fail than in achieving beneficial results for our citizens.
       And sometime after the election millions of us will wonder what the TRUMP White House would have been had he been elected President.
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