Trouble in Paradise
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 by Frank Shortt
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America is Paradise for many people from other countries who think that they will have it much better here. It is a proven fact that, as far as economic opportunities, there is more opportunity here than in most Central and South American countries. Problem is, they do not factor in the crime rate, violence, and hate in most cities in the United States of America!

In the last few years, terrorism has risen to a fever pitch! Some people blame it on President Trump. Some say it is because of the influx of immigrants from other countries. Some say it is because of the graphic video games introduced to our children at a very early age. Whatever the cause, it seems that the bad element is dominating! I can see that there are many factors determining the killings and turmoil in our country called Paradise by so many.

I have been very quiet about gun control in the past, probably because of my background of being raised in a society where weapons were always around. Then when I was 18 I joined the U.S. Air Force and was subjected to many kinds of weapons, even nuclear ones. While in the Air Force I was part of a Radiac Detection Team and had to wear a little round box around my neck as part of the training. If an aircraft carrying nuclear weapons should happen to crash near the Air Force Base, this RDT would be the first ones on site to try to rescue the downed pilot. If I perchance was overtaken by the radiation, the little box would tell those who found me how much radiation it took to slay me. This was real consolation! I was also introduced to the firearms that airmen would need in case of attack from another country or if I was sent to a country where war was imminent. The carbine that I fired in basic training could be transformed from semi-automatic to fully automatic by removing one little element. Since being discharged from the military, I have not had the need for a fully automatic weapon, and not even a semi-automatic one. (The semi-automatic must have the trigger pulled each time a round is fired, not so with the fully automatic which will continue to fire as long as the trigger is pressed!)

My question to Paradise is this? Do hunters need fully automatic weapons? Are they such bad shots that they need to spray a deer, or whatever they are hunting, with a full clip in order to kill the poor animal? The meat would not be fit for human consumption after being traumatized with so many bullets! Is it not time for the government to limit the sales of these type weapons? Or, should not a person wanting to buy these type weapons be subject to a total background check, mentally and physically, and be cleared as to what he wanted with the weapon in the first place? I understand that the gunman at the Gilroy Garlic Festival bought his little fully automatic weapon in Nevada, where they are legal to buy. So how did he smuggle the weapon into California? Aren't there border checks anymore?

Video games show young children toting Uzzi type weapons around killing every bad guy around, or who they think is a bad guy! Is this healthy for these adolescents? Have we become so kill-crazy that we do not care who dies as long as someone does? Most of the terrorist type killings were by persons who were malcontents their whole lives. One would think that those close to that person would have noticed that he was accumulating 'weapons of hate' at an early age. (That is my definition of any weapon that is bought for the purpose of anything other than target practice or hunting!)

Yes folks, there is trouble in Paradise and no amount of Police Force will stop it. When hate and fear takes a country over, the closest of friends become easy prey for each other. It looks to me like this very thing is happening in what used to be the greatest country in the world. Each time I visit a town or city, I see the 'down in the mouth' faces of those who are dissatisfied with the lives they have chosen for themselves. A smile is seldom seen, and when pedestrians are spoken to, they even turn their heads because of either fear or hatred for the person doing the speaking. Should this be happening in a civilized country? Seems to me that the more civilized we become, or are taught to become, the worse it gets! I wonder how it was before men were called civilized? Aren't we teaching our children to be uncivilized when we teach them to hate a person just because they are a little different in some way? Are we teaching them to be civilized when we allow them free reign to violent video games that are of no redeeming qualities except to make the manufacturers rich who are responsible for them being on the market in the first place? Say, who's getting rich off of all this violence? Not the consumer, I fear!

If we could somehow find the cause of all the hate in Paradise, the answer would be far simpler!