Transgendering - or not?
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 by Laramie Boyd
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        A California lawmaker, Tom Ammiano, a Democrat from San Francisco, has introduced a bill giving transgender students "the right to participate in sex-segregated programs regardless of what sexual category exists on their school records." This in spite of the resistance by students who "object to sharing bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms with students of the opposite sex." The Transgender Law Center Director, Ilona Turner, objects to "children being instructed to use locker rooms and gym attire that do not conform to the gender to which the child relates." So, a child who lives as a boy for some time, who goes through a sex-change operation, would then be allowed all the rights and privileges of the girls' programs on the school premises, which includes athletics, and vice versa for the boys. Included would be those students who simply identify with or express a desire to live a life style opposite to the predominant style of the gender they were born with. This would, I'll wager, raise some eyebrows, cause some cruel staring or even bullying, or at least a lot of discomfort, in the girls' or boys' gymnasium shower and in restrooms. I suspect a very low percentage of young people really understand what transgender means as to how the body and mind are affected by this condition. Shouldn't there be some educational programs at this level before anyone really expects such a student to be accepted and welcomed by their peers under such conditions, rather than just be thrown "cold turkey" into the mainstream of a school situation?