Tough Love
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        These are turbulent times indeed: Lengthy wars for indeterminate reasons, millions of citizens out of work, many for reasons other than lack of jobs; food stamps and unemployment insurance given haphazardly; a divisive Congress; a president who wants to go deeper in debt with new taxes and off the wall spending; terrorism worries; promised retirement funds dwindling; immigration legislation at an impasse; mass killings occurring across the nation while gun control talks are stymied; privacy rights being challenged under the guise of national security. Dare we wonder what else is on the horizon?
       I'm not an out and out Democrat or a Republican, as I have voted for both party candidates in presidential elections. I'm 79 years old, and frankly, I have some pretty strong feelings about America and the direction our government is steamrolling towards. How many of the following viewpoints could you give a good, sound argument against I wonder?
- Workers should be hired for a job based on their ability to do the job.
- Criminals sentenced to death should not be kept on "death row" for years and years while lawyers shuffle through a red tape judicial system.
- All public schools should have access to the same supplies and equipment and quality of teachers.
- Private schools should receive no government subsidies.
- Hunters and target activists need only bolt-action rifles and single shot hand guns for the enjoyment of their hobby, as do all others for the protection of their home.
- Terrorists should have no rights in our judicial system.
- All citizens should have access to the same medical insurers, including the legislative, executive and judicial branch of government, no more or no less.
- All laws should be enforced equally, no exceptions, from the president on down.
- Laws for or against the use of "God" in written or any communication system, should be up to the states by popular vote.
- Pay raises and benefits for all federal, state, and local governments should be based on the quality of the job they are doing, and by popular vote of citizens.
- All citizens on welfare of any kind, who are shown by a panel of doctors to be physically able, should be organized on some constructive work program in their community and, where any jobs exist, regularly offered a verified position of employment, and based on a refusal, should be removed from the welfare roll.
- The government should never be allowed to spend more than they have the money to pay for.
- Ideally, working in government should be a voluntary, donated career job, with no pay or benefits, so as to avoid any graft or corruption in job assignments and programs.
- All citizens should be subject to the same laws, restrictions, and responsibilities.
- Non-citizens legally or illegally visiting the country, and who disagree with these rules, and violate them, should be made to return to their home country.
- Priests, if found guilty of child molestation, should be sentenced according to law, like all other citizens, and de-frocked.
- People who drive drunk and have an accident that kills another person should have their license revoked for life and spend at least 5 years in prison, no parole.
- There should be a strict limit on the amount of travel expenses lawmakers get, and they should be made to drive their own cars and buy their own gas, like the rest of us do.
- Presidents should not have the "executive power" to declare war and call out fighting troops unless there is an imminent threat to the safety of the United States or its allies.
- The President of the United States, and Congress, both need to have as their first priority the restoration of confidence in their leadership. And this can only be done if they are willing to behave like they have the best interests of the country first and foremost in their governing, rather than just talking like they do, even if it takes the same kinds of sacrifices on their part as they have asked of the rest of the country.