To See The Devil
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 by Frank Shortt
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       Oftentimes we hear references to the Devil. He is mostly referred to as the opposite of God. We hear such things as, “You little devil” when only a wee mouse has been spotted. Humans sometimes refer to each other as Serpent, Old Scratch, Lucifer, Diablo, hellion, beast, and a score of other satanic names. This study will attempt to straighten some things out about Satan.
       The devil has been pictured by artists as having a long sharp tail and two horns. It has been said that he treads on fiery coals and carries a bucket of red-hot embers! This might look good in a comic book, or even a painting by some famous illustrator. The truth is: the only horn the devil possesses is the one under the hood of his huge Rolls Royce. He only uses it to attract attention to himself and his, so-called prosperity! The red-hot bucket of embers is one’s stomach after a night of too much imbibing in one’s favorite alcoholic beverage! Burn! Burn! Burn!
       Satan has been depicted as carrying an evil-looking, well-sharpened pitchfork. The purpose of this instrument of doom is to throw poor sinners into hell and to force them to shovel hot coals the rest of their existence. Most religions teach that this period will be for millions of years. How much can one old body take? The truth is; that old song has already been sung for too long. The only fork that the devil owns is his lying, cheating, forked tongue! He is the slicker that tells us it is alright to use a little dope, drink ourselves into oblivion, cheat on our spouse, and a slew of other ways to deceive our fellow man. To burn for eternity is stretching it quite a bit!
       As drawn by most artists, Satan sports a tight-fitting suit of, probably fireproof, crimson red, thus he is referred to as the Red Dragon. Children are taught to be very good lest the evil one will visit them during the night, and maybe, carry them off to a place of torment. Religionists have used the devil for centuries to keep their followers in line. Truly, the only suit the devil owns is probably one of woven, wooly serge, or whatever those of nefarious ideas tend to wear. He also sports shiny, Stacy Adam shoes, and usually flirts with whom he pleases, to try and impress them to join him in his escapades.
       Have you stopped to think that, just maybe, the devil could be that alluring female with the blood-red lips, the tight-fitting, low cut top and the skirt that looks as though it has been painted on and showing every curve of her shapely body? Maybe, it is that unthinking person who talks you into a few drinks after work knowing you have to drive yourself home. Or perhaps, if one looked closely in the mirror, the devil just might be, you?
       Take a good look at yourself before accusing anyone else of being a devil!