Tit for Tat
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 by Frank Shortt
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“What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!” is an old country saying, which really means, that if a person mistreats another, the one mistreated has the same right to mistreat the one who mistreated him or her. It seems that Americans have taken it upon themselves to wreak vengeance on anyone they do not agree with.

This seems to be the trend in America lately as politicians bash each other without any mercy or feeling! How can these miserable people sleep at night? It has been said that the economy in America is at its highest peak in many years, sometimes longer than any of us can remember. If this is so, why are so many politicians saying how bad we have it in America? I do not personally know any one person in my neighborhood that by reason of poverty does not have a decent meal each day. Even the homeless are fed by organizations that have been erected for that purpose. In fact, I see just the opposite! I see a trend toward obesity, probably due to overeating, or eating the wrong things. In fact, we have become a society of ‘He said, she said’ and the real job of running the government is going to pot! Literally! They need it to relax at night!

One of the worst inventions in the tech world is Twitter. This has become the venue of choice for politicians to bash the living daylights out of each other. It is no longer a feud between the two major political parties, but the younger element has taken to bashing their established leaders in their own party. What is to become of an America where no one is happy with what anyone else is doing? They can let the whole world know in an instant what they think of each other. Is this healthy? No wonder the Psychologists and Psychiatrists are getting rich! With all the confusion, it is not a mystery!

Is it about time for Destry to ride again? Is it time for someone to ride into town, practically unknown, just a drifter, seemingly harmless, a little shy and withdrawn, but with the talent to set things straight as he or she sees fit? Boy, this would be a welcome sight. We Americans are growing very tired of all the hatred, slander, downright lies, and the confusion caused by such shenanigans! Would it be a good idea to just close down the outlets of odium for a couple of days? What would the hatemongers do for entertainment?

If Donald Trump had done all that the media portrays him doing, he would have to be at least 500 years old. If the group, known by the media as “The Squad” had said and done all that they claim, they would have to be a lot older than they appear. When is this ‘Tit for Tat’ rhetoric going to end? Maybe it will end when there are no more politicians! Religious differences! Race differences! Creed differences! How we part our hair! How we tie our shoes! Simply put, this rhetoric would end if there were no more reason to fight each other! Now wouldn’t that be a welcome change? There is hardly a newscast that does not in some way link Trump to the story. The last one I just read was about a politician in Georgia accusing a Cuban man of ‘berating and degrading’ her and telling her to go back to her own country. Whoever wrote the article could not resist bringing up Trump’s name in the article. Enough is enough! The more they mention Trump, the more famous, or infamous he becomes. It looks like the National Pastime is “Trump Bashing”! And on the other hand, the more they mention the ‘Squad’ the stronger they become in someone’s eyes. Like a modern day Robin Hood!

 Hate is a cancerous sore that, most times, only affects the person doing the hating. They become bitter, self-centered, suspicious of everyone, dangerous to be around, and, overall, a candidate for San Quentin! These ‘Tit for Tat’ politicians really need to grow up and get over hating their past, their parents, and everyone else in general. Judges sometimes require criminals to attend anger management classes. It is my recommendation that the Supreme Court take a hand and require everyone in the Federal Government to attend anger management classes. Maybe they would all come out with a different attitude, especially if they had to earn a certificate of merit at the end of the class! Fat Chance!