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Week of 5.10.2004
"Time flies..."
A new President: 2012
           It’s 2012 and United States President Nancy Pelosi has just acknowledged the standing ovation that a combined session of Congress has given her as she prepares to open her State of the Union speech.
           She glances at her Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. and begins her speech.
           “Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests, my fellow Americans, America is healthy and doing well. The war in the Mid-East continues and we are defeating the enemy. Although the war escalated in 2005 to involve Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and portions of Saudi Arabia we are making progress and we are hopeful that within two years the military forces of our allies in the hostilities will be capable of taking the fight to our enemies and relieve many American troops of the burden of active combat.
            “Over 500,000 American troops are now committed to the area and combined with our coalition forces, numbering 7,500, we feel that our goal of providing democracy to the region can be achieved in this decade.
          “The flare- up of terroristic activities in portions of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan has caused the shifting of some of our troops to those areas, but our military leadership feels that we have sufficient strength to overcome the threats in these areas in the months to come.
          “As you know, in 2011, when the Syrian rebels first used tactical nuclear weapons against our troops near the city of Bakhtaran, our decision was to use America’s arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons and I feel that our usage on selected targets in the battle area has helped our military forces achieve periodic victories.
          “We continue to work with the people of Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and Saudi Arabia so that they may have, in the years to come, complete freedom and democratic governments. 
          “I am asking Congress for 113 billion dollars to support our war effort for the next 6 months. I feel that our new tax structure on individuals and America’s corporations will bring our treasury ample funds to support our war effort.
          “My cabinet and I are working on the current gasoline crisis and I feel we will be successful in lowering the average per gallon price of $3.65 per gallon.
           “And so, distinguished guests, members of Congress and my fellow Americans, we find our country financially able to bear the burdens of this long and tedious war. We are hopeful that as victories mount for our courageous troops the heavy financial burden on all Americans will be lessened as we fight for our ultimate victory over terrorism and those who murder women and children and have little regard for human life.
          “Our noble effort to bring democracy to the Middle East will continue because it is the right thing to do. I know that all Americans will join me in our quest to make the world a safer place. God willing we will achieve our dream of a better world for all people.
           “I thank you and God bless America.”
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Ron Cruger