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       Someone living in Green Bay, Wisconsin would consider this kind of day nearly paradise, but in Southern California a sunless, grey, rainy day with temperatures in the sixties is no fun. And to add to the weather woe, a cold wind was blowing leaves, along with bits of debris, chaf, twigs and splinters along the sopping ground.
      Glancing out the living room window, I decided that this would be an inside day. I could almost hear my trusty recliner calling to me, “Come to me, rest, relax, take a nap.”
       With my current reading, “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle,” on my lap, I flipped the leg extension and stretched. I began reading. I could hear the winds whip around the eaves of the house.
       So comfortable. So relaxing. So tranquil inside.
        I was staring out the Oval Office window, musing, when Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi gently knocked on the door across the room from my desk. She entered and said, “Mr. President, I hate to bring this news to you, but North Korea has just attacked South Korea! There are rumors that the North Koreans have launched a rocket armed with a nuclear warhead and it’s headed for Seoul. What shall we do, Mr. President?”
        “Well, Nancy, I’ll need a moment or two.”
         I asked the Speaker to call an immediate meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
        As I leaned back in my chair to absorb the news, I heard another rap on the office door, this time it was louder and more forceful. In walked my Vice President, Joe Biden.
       “Mr. President, I presume you’ve heard the news about the North Korean attack and the nuclear rocket headed for Seoul.” The vice president’s face was flushed, he was obviously extremely agitated.
       “There’s more, Mr. President, we’ve just heard the news that Israel has attacked Syria. Evidently the Israelis found four locations where they believe Syria was producing nuclear weapons so they have bombed the locations and sent in three brigades across the Syrian border. It looks like war.”
        As the words poured from the Vice President’s mouth, Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton entered the Oval Office, accompanied by Senator Joe Lieberman.
        Hillary was wide-eyed. “Mr. President, Pakistan has just admitted firing three rockets, attacking India. The rockets, evidently with nuclear warheads, are headed for New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. We have reports that India is preparing a proportionate response.”
        Joe Lieberman took a step forward towards my desk. He could barely contain himself. “President Cruger, I am so sorry to have to bring you the news that Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has just announced that he has sent the Iranian army into Iraq. He is also threatening to use nuclear field weapons if the Iraqi army, aided by U.S. troops doesn’t immediately surrender.”
        With Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman standing before me, the door again swung open and the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano entered, breathless. “Mr. President, We have reports that an unknown terrorist group has positioned dirty briefcase nuclear bombs in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. They say they will explode the bombs in two hours unless all American troops immediately withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. The estimate of casualties in these cities would be four million deaths and millions more suffering from radiation poisoning.”
        “Is that all, Janet?” “Well, no, Mr. President. There are two other things. “Cyber-spies have breached our security systems. These spies, which we believe are from China and Russia, have pervaded the security of the computers which control our electric grid and water systems along with our national defense plans.” “There’s more?” I asked.
        “Yes, Mr. President, terrorists have hijacked an American Airlines jumbo jet headed for Washington, D.C. from Boston. There are two hundred and eighty aboard. The terrorists demand that you grant all Muslim prisoners in American prisons immediate amnesty and permit them to return to Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran.”
        I was continuing to take notes when Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates joined the growing assemblage in the Oval Office.
        “Mr. President, we have a serious situation unfolding right now. Mainland China has fired off a barrage of thirty five rockets, armed with field grade explosives onto Taiwan. The capital of Taiwan, Taipei, has been destroyed, with great loss of life. The Red Army is currently preparing for an invasion of Taiwan, using its army of two million soldiers. China has warned America to stay out of the battle or it will take ‘serious action’ against us.”
        I looked up and saw Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Robert Gates, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi standing before me. All silently standing, staring into my eyes. All anticipating my responses. Waiting, waiting, waiting.
        My wife repeated, “Ron, Ron, Ron. Wake up, you were moaning. You were talking in your sleep. You kept saying over and over, “What? There’s more?”
        My nap ended. I yawned and stretched. My shirt was damp with perspiration. I must have been dreaming, but I don’t remember anything.
        Outside, the rain continued falling and the wind kept up its bluster.
        Just another Southern California winter day. Nothing unusual.