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 by Laramie Boyd
Think I'll Write-In Perot, Again
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        I wonder if Barack Obama's goal in running for the White house eight long years ago was that he just wanted to be the first African American president. I can't really imagine that Obama's goal was to make America "better", or even maintain its status quo. Dare we say his goal was to bring America down? Often his actions speak loudly for that more than anything else. Did he just think in terms of being a pathfinder, showing how someone of color, a minority, could make promises to gain votes, then renege on them after reaching that goal? So many questions about his failed policies, decisions, and sadly, his presidency itself. Notice the advertised time spent on what the Obama family plans to do after the president's term in office, and his untimely rounds of golf and travel, and any other excuse to get involved in anything that doesn't require hard nosed, intelligent, presidential action, when the country is going to Hell in a handbag. Shouldn't he be attending to the ever increasing number of national and international problems he fails to address. He appears, by choice it seems, a rather naive, yet smiling, flagrant lame duck in the Office at a crucial time in our history.
        The question rises, then, I wonder what Hillary's goal is? She doesn't say. Is her goal simply to pave the way for other women, Democratic women, whatever their credentials of experience may be, whether qualified or not, as she is not. Is just being a Democratic woman enough qualification? Is her goal just to see that the name "Clinton" is sprinkled throughout the history books? Couldn't the Democratic National Convention wait until a better qualified woman rises up and takes the challenge, rather than rubber stamping someone with Hillary's track record and current indictment and lack of trust potential? The saddest part is that she isn't running for office with a program to make the country a better place, but rather on a program of getting votes, ala Obama, downgrading her opponent, and making promises to minorities that she knows can't be kept. A scary quote that stands out in bold letters, it seems to me, is, "Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary". Now, that is some interesting food for thought. Maybe the upcoming election has a far greater challenge for November voters than they have ever faced before, and perhaps don't really comprehend, or, sad to say, care. And so little to choose from, in any case.