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From Albert Einstein: “Relativity, shmelativity, gravity, shmavity. You throw a rock up, it comes  down.”

From Mohandas K. Gandhi:“I walk around in a sheet, barefoot and freezing. For this I get bupkus.”

From Edward J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic: “Wait, wait, does ‘starboard’ mean left or right?”

From Pablo Picasso: “To tell you the truth, I don’t understand what I painted either.”

From Thomas Edison: “Who knew from neon back then.”

From Orville Wright: “You think we should also hand out peanuts?”

From Leonardo de Vinci: “I could have made more money painting houses.”

From Charley Chaplin: “First they put in sound, then with the color, then I’m out of a job.”

From Dale Carnagie: “Here’s what I think of you – up yours!”

From George Washington: “If I had known this President thing would turn into such a big deal I would have asked for more money.”

From Adolph Hitler: “Don’t look at me that way, some of my best friends are Jews.”

From Howard Hughes: “Call me nuts, but I’ve always liked big wooden airplanes and really, really clean hands.”

From My Doctor:“Call me at home.”

From the President of the National Rifle Association: “Maybe you’re right, there are too many guns in America.”

FromAmelia Earhart: “Whoops, I thought you said ‘turn left.”

From Tiger Woods: “I said ‘Get me a waitress,’ not ‘Get me a waitress!”

FromPresident Obama: “What’s that saying about ‘being up to here in alligators?”

From Greta Garbo: “What I really said was, ‘I want to make a loan.”

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