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by Ron Cruger
Things that make me sick and tired...
        I was hopeful that when the year 2012 began there would be some changes made in the things that bother me. But, things got worse. My list of bothersome, annoying things grew even longer. Im hopeful now that 2013 has begun that some of my pet peeves will disappear. At least I have hope. Take a look at my list and see if you agree with some or all of my irritating, nagging, exasperating and obnoxious complaints.
        Im sick and tired of rich people being observed as some kind of cancer in our society. Most rich people work hard and have rightly earned what they make. Stop holding their successes against them. Might help if more people got off their behinds and worked harder. Maybe theyd get rich too.
        Enough of the fiscal cliff talk. Im sick of hearing about it. Id like to put the members of Congress and the President in a room, lock the door and tell them not to come out unless theyve solved the financial crisis that were in. Either that or retire and bring in a whole new group of Senators and Representatives that will work for the benefit of our country rather than for the good of their political parties. All the politicians are doing is proving that they are inept.
        Stop using the f word in movies, newspapers and magazines. Its not cute and its not funny.
         For God sake stop using the attack on our embassy in Benghazi as a political football. Four Americans died in the attack. Someone screwed up by not increasing security around the embassy. Lets mourn for the dead, correct the problem and then stop fishing for political advantage from a tragedy.
        I'd like to see Congress really represent us and eliminate all the stupid tax loopholes they talk about every election period. Generations are born and die without any changes for the good. How about eliminating some of the more egregious loopholes and with the money we save fix a few million miles of our crumbling roads and highways.
        Ive never figured out why they do it, but Im tired of seeing young folk walk around with their pants hovering near their knees and their     butt cracks obscenely showing. Dont they know how stupid it looks. About as stupid as wearing their caps backwards or sideways. 
       Ive had it with reality shows. Stupid people eating grasshoppers, lizards and snakes and diving in stinking pools of swill isnt entertainment. Neither is watching husbands and wives swear at each other. It just shows how low weve sunk as a culture.
        Its time we showed some semblance of reason in regard to our athletic performers. Paying a mediocre baseball or football player $10 million a season seems to be close to insanity, especially when we stop to realize that theyre getting paid by virtue of the exorbitant ticket prices were paying. The average family is already priced out of attending games where the athletic performers are millionaires.
        Its about time the average guy started beating the drums for legislation concerning hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans purchasing Kalishnikov automatic rifles , Uzi machine guns and 50-caliber machine guns. Youll have a tough time persuading me that these weapons are going to be used for sport hunting. A short burst from any of these hand held killing tools and a poor deer would be turned into shredded venison. And the excuse that these N.R.A. members want to be armed because they fear the government is going to take away their freedoms is baloney. Its time we stopped selling these killing machines period.
        I cringe when I hear that another American has been killed in Afghanistan. The vast majority of Americans dont want us fighting and dying there. There are only a few, selfish, avaricious citizens who are benefitting from our being there. My stomach turns when I realize that weve been fighting and dying in Afghanistan for twelve years. More than two thousand deaths and $400 billion have been blown there. Isnt it time to get out and stop the waste of deaths and spending.
        I can only hope that this new year will bring me some relief from my frustrations.

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