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 Puhleeze! Will the parents of Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears and Nicole Richie take them home, give them a good spanking and don’t let them out of the house until they behave properly – like grown ups.. Make them realize that the reason they appear on television “freaky” shows is because, er, um, uh, they’re “freaky.” 
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          He doesn’t look like a president (actually, only Mitt Romney does), but if you’re a Democrat Dennis Kucinich sure sounds like a president. Too bad the guy doesn’t have a chance of being a president. If he looked more like John Wayne he might have a prayer. 
                                                                         . . . . . . .            

          Is Mike Bloomberg going to make a run for the presidency? He’s doing what Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing in California – governing as a “post-partisan” leader. Is the nation ready for a 5-foot-6 inch Jewish guy from New York. A guy who supports abortion rights, gay rights and gun control. You have to admit that the guy has done a great job in “The Apple.” 
                                                                        . . . . . . .

          Limited wars, such as we’re fighting in Iraq are not America’s greatest strength. And yet, we continue to put ourselves into these difficult and deadly positions. We have such short memories. 
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           Will the introduction of the “iphone” increase the amount of people walking around, staring at their hands, which are filled with cell phones. The spectacular “iphone” will enable users to connect with the internet, use e-mail, use it as a mobile phone and as an ipod. We’ll know more about the impact of the “iphone” starting on June 29 when it becomes available to the public. I fear that as the fascination of the “iphone” becomes epidemic we will find more automobile accidents caused by drivers talking on their phone, watching the internet and reading their e-mail as they plod down our highways. Not to mentioned (but I am) the shopping cart accidents that will increase as shoppers divide their attention between picking out a fresh head of lettuce and viewing a program on the internet. 
                                                                       . . . . . . .

          I know it’s against the rules of the Geneva Convention – but! Maybe the American military in Iraq would save some of our young men and women’s lives if they would duct tape a terrorist leader to the front of every tank, Humvee and Jeep. The American death count from Improvised Experimental Devices might decrease. 
                                                                        . . . . . . . 
          Tell me what the attraction is that motivates men and women to run for political office. The moment they announce their candidacy the loyal opposition begins a nasty program to undress them and their families and expose every wart, pimple, mistake, blunder, bungle and sin. It must be worth the cost to be made so uncomfortable and humbled. Is it the power, the great retirement programs and the perks? Is it worth it? Must be!
                                                                         . . . . . . .

           Will there ever be a day when humans don’t notice the color of their fellow human’s skin and make a judgement? Will it be the same day as when we don’t care if someone is gay or not? 
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           I have a hunch that Americans would perk up and pay more attention to national and world affairs if they woke up one morning and found that their stock portfolios had lost half of their values. God forbid the stock market should take a big dip, but if it did I have no doubt that most Americans would become far more aware and watchful of what happens in Congress. Millions of Americans are so focused on the value of their stock portfolio that little else holds their interest. As long as their portfolio is healthy all is fine. But is it? 
                                                                          . . . . . . .

          Doesn’t the explosion of gang violence in our cities scare the %$%$#@# out of you! These are kids, some as young as 9 or 10, with guns and in many cases, without a conscience. How do our cities end this murderous craziness? What have we done to rob our children of their innocence?