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           Well, it appears from the volume of phone calls and e-mails buzzing into the White House and the Halls of Congress that the American public has finally reached a boiling point concerning whether or not the United States government should legally be allowed to pay its bills.
          The shameful display of partisanship has brought the image of the President and Congress to its nadir.
          The disgraceful epitome was recently reached when the President of the United States and the Speaker of the House of Representatives both appeared on our television screens pleading for understanding from the citizenry and defending their party’s reason for not arriving at an accord that would eliminate the rancor that pervades the two parties.
          Surveys indicate that Americans are now officially fed up with the two parties being unable to arrive at a reasonable solution – a solution that would avoid the U.S. from looking like a third world country with its disparate parties, castes and factions.
          There is less rancor, competition and infighting when the Dodgers play the Giants than between the Democrats and Republicans when it comes to make decisions that might sway voters in the forthcoming election. Americans have come to believe that the good of the country is coming in second place to the possibility of a politician re-gaining his or her seat or losing it.
           Now, added to the mix, is the newly elected “Tea Party” members and their ilk which are exerting pressure on their fellow Congressmen to stymie all efforts to reach a fair accord that offers a reasonable debt limit in conjunction with a needed rise in taxes and increased tax structure for the extremely wealthy.
           One the right side we have the conservatives and ultra conservatives who are preaching no more taxes for anyone, especially the wealthy. Lessening current programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and the cutting back of the country’s debt limit.
           The liberal side would permit some cut backs in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Those on the left side would place an increased tax on the wealthy and would permit the vastly increased debt limit.
           Instead of an amalgam of some of both party’s planks we have nothing. The American government has screeched to a halt, unable to arrive at a reasonable compromise that would get us out of the deep rut that faces us. The stock market has already started its fall. Countries around the world are watching America closely, considering their monetary investments in the value and strength of U.S. stocks and bonds.
           The President has proven to be calm and understanding in the face of this political fire. He appears on television, urging rapprochement. He announces his willingness to subdue his own wishes for the good of reaching an accord.
           The President is by nature a self-assured, placid soul.
           However, with this business of new massive and mind-bending debt limits, cut backs in important social programs and the possibility of increasing taxes to the wealthy we need a leader the breed of John Wayne. We need our President to show his willingness to mix it up and fight desperately for what he believes. It is time for the President to take his fist, smack the bargaining table and make it known that messing with him is dangerous and not suggested.
           We need a President who will tell us, in clear and emphatic terms, why we should support his goals. Sell us, lead us.
           We need a little less calm and understanding and a bit more strength and decisiveness.
           We need the President to use the “Bully Pulpit,” and we need our Congressmen to stop prancing around, assuring themselves of retaining their elected positions.
           Do what’s right for the United States of America and leave all other motivations behind.
           If that’s too much to ask of the bunch of you then perhaps you don’t deserve to hold the positions you so greedily cling to.
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