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Week of 11.27.2006
The time has come...
          For too long now we have heard Republicans denigrate Democrats and Democrats deride Republicans. Our days are too filled with the vitriol of one party over the other at the same time that this nation is in the midst of one of its greatest crisis – perhaps its greatest.
          The time has come for a leader to emerge from the congested halls of bureaucracy to grasp the reins of leadership and rise above the miasma of primal politics.
Our nation is longing for a leader, not a perfect one, but one untarnished by the repetitious application of politics to his or her decisions.
           This nation, still relatively new in the eyes of history, finds itself embattled in a unique war – a war fought by our enemies in a manner of which we are not versed. Our leader must either now know or must learn with an urgency that our enemies will not be defeated by legions of our young men and women handsomely attired in matching uniforms, marching to the staccato beat of patriotic speeches.
           In wars of our involvement, preceding the Vietnam engagement, battles were won by a unity of determination and the use of more powerful weapons. It is no coincidence that the American public opposed that war and the fact that our government retired its efforts in that faraway land. We walked away from that Asian confrontation because we were not winning and there appeared to be little chance that further hostilities would bring us a victory.
          Now we are engaged in another unpopular war. Similarities to the Vietnam war exist, regardless of the denials from some of America’s leadership. In both conflagrations a majority of Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction with our country’s involvement in an attempt to change another country’s core beliefs. In America’s current war our military fights across an ocean in an attempt to alter not only another country’s religious beliefs, but also its centuries old doctrines and dogma.
          America’s freedom was won from a nation across an ocean because most of those who were Americans believed in and fought for that freedom. The goals of the military and those of America’s citizens were united – our freedom was won by a united citizenship.
          Twice America has gone to war with a goal of changing the hearts of its adversaries. Twice the voices of Americans rose to a deafening pitch.
           The time has come for America’s leadership to hear the voices of America. The voices that rose to shout “freedom” at our nation’s birth are the same voices that rose to say “We go to war,” in 1917 to preserve freedom for our friends and to protect our country from invasion. These are the same American voices that rose in December of 1941 and said, “Let us unite and march to victory.”
          Americans have always stood ready to protect our shores and to protect the shores of our friends. Americans do not shy from battle. Tales of America’s battles, of our heroes, of the sacrifices of American families resound throughout our country.
           Our country’s citizens, when asked to rise to battle have stood tall and, although suffering injury and fatality have defeated all opponents threatening democracy.
          The time has come for a leader who will listen to his or her fellow Americans. America is filled with people of passion – people who can discern a good war from a bad one. Americans, from the early days were people of conviction. America needed a leader who could bear their trust and lead them to victory. Americans chose George Washington. Americans believed in George Washington. They offered him their trust and he returned their trust with victory, freedom and democracy. Washington heard Americans. He listened and trusted.
          Throughout America’s history, especially when strong, honest, intelligent leadership was needed, that leader appeared.
          The time has come for our politicians to realize that Americans can think, that Americans can make intelligent decisions. Americans can see through veils of lies, of insincerity, of political games.
          America functions best when its leadership respects the minds of Americans and when Americans respect its leaders. 
          The time has come for Americans and their leadership to march together to the ultimate goal – either peace or victory or both.
          The time has come for a leader to appear that Americans trust – and one that trusts Americans.
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