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       There are many things that don't make sense to me for some reason. The U.S. Cavalry almost wiped out the American Indian in the early days on the frontier, so the government seems to think that we owe present day Indians money in the form of tax breaks, land grants, and other perks. I wonder when this "debt" to the American Indian will be paid off? Will our grand children and great-grand children have to provide for the free land and casino tax breaks all their lives?
       Our government passes out money in the form of welfare and education costs to illegal aliens, but I can't put my finger on when or where we mistreated them, like our ancestors did the Indians. So why do we owe them what we are doling out to them? Don't the 11 million illegals in the country, or the Mexican government, instead owe us, since they are one of the causes of America's catastrophic national debt. And will these illegal immigrants and their descendants go on indefinitely getting financial assistance while in our country illegally, some of them avoiding paying their share of income tax?
       When will the Black American stop playing the race card, blaming 20th Century American citizens for the injustices of our forefathers. There's not a person alive who bears any responsibility for any Indian massacres nor for any brutal hanging of any Black person during the plantation days. How long will people who weren't involved in these atrocities be held accountable for heinous crimes they didn't commit and probably wished their forebearers hadn't.
       Shall all Japanese, present and those to come, be held financially accountable for the attack on Pearl Harbor for generations to come? Shouldn't we collect payment from the homeland of the terrorists who were responsible for the 9/11attack? We helped rebuild Germany with millions of dollars after Hitler set out to rule Europe and maybe the world, until the Allies defeated him. Doesn't Germany owe us? Why is it that America gives away money to not only people we have wronged, but also to people who have done us wrong? And how long should those payouts last? Are we that easy? Are we just a bunch of "patsies" that can be duped into any scheme that benefits others? It sure looks like we are sometimes.
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