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 by Frank Shortt
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        Phoenix-like, the first human being, Admoni, was fashioned from the dust of the ground. Just enough moisture, carbon, potassium, calcium, cosmic light and several other chemicals adhered together at the command of the Voice. This being, known as man, was given a place to dwell where there was never to be heartache, misery, death, or weeping. As long as the man listened to the Voice, things went along perfectly!
        Rising out of obscurity, fashioned from part of the man, a lovely woman began her sojourn in the Garden of Delight. She had freedom to roam, eat of any of the trees in the garden, except the one forbidden by the Voice. This tree was a mysterious tree, and the woman often wondered why the Voice would not allow her to taste of the fruit that grew on it. Her mate adhered strictly to the leading of the Voice so the woman knew that he would not allow her to even think of partaking of the tree. She was made for Admoni and him alone!
        The amazing thing about the man in the garden was that he had the power of spoken word. There was no need for human relationships as the man could speak a word and it would be as he had spoken. If he said, “Tree, move to the other side of the garden!” The tree did as he said. If he said an animal would be called a certain thing, that is what the animal was called.
        One sunny day the woman, known as Chava, encountered a stranger as she meandered about the beautiful surroundings. This stranger was a tall, handsome, man-like being. To Chava, he appeared to be clad with all manner of precious stones, the diamond, the sapphire, the onyx, the topaz, and his voice was as the waters that flowed gently through her paradise. This angelic wonder was very accommodating, using small talk to beguile this virgin maiden of the earth. He told her of majestic beginnings, walking up and down among stones of fire upon the holy mountain of the Voice. Day by day this early day Romeo became more handsome and wise to the maiden. He began wooing the maiden and soon had her eating out of his hand.
        What the stranger did not tell Chava was that he had been cast out of the Holy Mountain because he had questioned the authority of the Voice and had desired to be the ruler of the upper realm. He had known to do the right thing but had chosen to disobey the Voice. He became vain because of his great beauty and his authoritative, fleshly desires. His wisdom was corrupted because of the brightness of his being. He knew that he could not create, so he did the next best thing and became a perverter of creation. His lies became truth to him. Obedience became loath to him as he continued to disobey the Voice in all things. In short, he desired to be worshipped, same as the Voice.
        When Chava had been fashioned and placed in the paradise alongside the man, Admoni, the intention of the Voice was that she would be a helper to the man in all his endeavors. This was so until the advent of the stranger. Beguiled by the beauty and wisdom of the alien being, Chava became a different person. Whereas before, she had been completely obedient to the Voice, she now became rebellious in her thoughts. “Who is this Voice to tell me what to do? Don’t I have the same rights as Admoni? Don’t I have the right to choose which fruit I do, or do not, wish to eat?”
        Indeed! She was allowed free will!
        In a discussion with the stranger later she told him that the Voice had forbidden her to partake of the mysterious tree. The Voice had also told the man that death would be the result of eating the fruit of the tree. The Voice also gave the man, as well as woman, the right of free will. He knew who would make the right choice and who would not.
        “Ah, the Voice told me the same thing once, the stranger replied. Am I not here? I am sure that the only result of eating the fruit of the tree would be that you would become much wiser. The Voice knows that this is so!”
        After many days of cajoling and persuasion, Chava relented to the will of the stranger. This stranger knew all along that Chava was the weaker of the two vessels of flesh. The reason, she was not in the original creation and was a by-product of creation. (She had been fashioned from a part of Admoni) Anything not in the original creation could be corrupted. This stranger was very subtle and had the ability to figure things out to his benefit.
        Whereas Admoni and Chava would have had eternal life, and remain in the paradise, they relinquished that right by what they did. Chava committed trespass by having relations with the stranger before Admoni, her promised husband, had gotten to her. Admoni, on the other hand, accepted the fruit that he was offered knowing that the Voice would not destroy him because he was His son, and what he did was to save Chava’s life. The Voice would not destroy Chava because she was a part of Admoni.
        Chava gave birth to twins. One was from the serpent, one from Admoni.
        Then the Voice gave judgment! The serpent was judged first:
        “From this day forth, anointed cherub, you shall be represented as a reptile. You will crawl upon your belly, the dust of the earth shall be your food, and eventually you shall be destroyed by fire that shall come from within you. Your seed and the woman’s seed shall always be at odds.
        To Chava he said, “Your conceptions shall be with many hardships. Your offspring will cause you many sorrows. You will answer to your husband in all things.”
        To Admoni he said, “You shall be driven from this paradise. Whereas before there were no weeds and thistles, from henceforth, there will be both. By the sweat of your brow you will earn your bread. I will not place a curse upon you but upon the earth itself!”
        The results of this drama, is that from that day forth, there has always been wars throughout the earth. The two seeds have battled in every age. This is all because a serpent yearned for power and authority as well as to be worshipped. He has attained all this through a subtle instrument called “The Ecclesia”!