The Scarlett Letter of Our Time
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 by Jon Burras
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     In 1850 a book by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne was published called The Scarlet Letter: A Romance. In this classic piece of literature set in Puritan Boston, Massachusetts, a woman (Hester Prynne) was publicly humiliated, scorned and forced to wear the letter "A" on her clothing to symbolize that she was guilty of having a child whose father was "unknown". This symbol meant that she was guilty of adultery. The scarlet letter symbol became a popular theme throughout history to label and chastise "others" who the elitists or majority came to judge and vilify.

     While this theme was played out in literature it has also been seen many times in our world history. Most notably, the Nazis in Germany would brand and shame the Jews of Europe. European Jews were rounded up by the Nazis and forced to wear a yellow "Star of David" symbol on their outer apparel. This let everyone know that these "inferior" people were living among them and they needed to know who they were and where they were at all times.

    This labeling system then created two classes of citizens. The yellow symbol then gave the Nazis permission to round up all of the Jews, transport them to concentration camps and then exterminate them. This yellow symbol, the scarlet letter of its time, was the instigator of a two class society where the majority blamed the minority for all of its problems.

     There is an old adage that says "if you fail to study history you will be condemned to repeat it." Through ignorance, evilness and lack of common sense, we are once again repeating the evils of history. The modern day vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are the very same scarlet letters and  Stars of David of the past. We have once again returned to the evils of the past because we have learned very little from our mistakes. Once again, a mob mentality in the form of a majority has castigated the minority with their labels, punishments and social isolation. The vaccine passport is the new scarlet letter and our society's ignorance continues to fertilize this form of  repression.

     We can all agree that the world is in the midst of a global pandemic. How we deal with it becomes the political firestorm of our time. Most have turned to 12th Century thinking by punishing others who think differently. The mentality of our current political climate is no different than the strict Muslim Taliban. The Taliban in the Middle East remove all status and importance of women. The male domination persists as fear of the female runs rampant. In our modern day society, fear of nature exists and the scientific mind runs unchecked. They are the same repressive elements. Modern day scientists, politicians, business executives and normal citizens are the same as 12th Century Taliban fighters. The Inquisition of Europe some eight hundred years ago is alive and well today in our hospitals, corporate board rooms and political discussions.

    For instance, the CEO of Delta Airlines (Ed Bastian) has just declared war on unvaccinated employees and is demanding that they pay $200 more a month for health care costs. The rationale is that these employees are "high risk" and might cost the company lost revenue if they were to get sick.

     This errant way of thinking has so many flaws in it that it is surprising that it ever holds up. For instance, if a company really believed that it must protect itself from "high risk" employees than no woman who is between eighteen and forty-five years old should ever be hired to work for any business. Woman are high risk employees. There is a good chance that a woman will become pregnant. Now the employer (or sometimes the city or state) must pay for maternity leave, sick days off because of "morning sickness", lowered productivity because of being pregnant and other complications of birth.

    A new replacement must be hired and trained only to be fired or relocated once the pregnant woman comes back to work. Women's company health costs are normally much more expensive than that of men because female reproductive health is far more expensive than most male health issues. According to the way of thinking from the CEO of Delta Airlines, women might be considered as high risk employees and should never be hired. It might be absurd to believe that Ed Bastian is an outlier. He is not. He has become one of the "repressors in chief" as other executives from other companies are quickly following suit.

     We can see the same attitude when it comes to children with special needs. In Los Angles for instance, the school district pays $9000 per year for the average student while a special needs child costs over $26,000 (about three times as much). Special needs children are high risk. Instead of cutting them off financially we actually spend far more money on them.

     The same mentality can be applied to the addiction community. Those who have chosen to sabotage their lives by using drugs and alcohol are given far more money and attention by society. Drug addicts are high risk individuals yet we pay for drug treatment, needle exchanges and many more services. The argument that people with a vaccine passport should be rewarded and those who are at high risk and without one should be punished has never been applicable in our society. Why is now different?

     Things are different now because those with a vaccine passport seem to have an inner bully rise up from inside of them. Much like the Nazis in their treatment of the Jews, vaccine passport holders often have a sense of shame and distain for those who are not vaccinated while strolling around with a sense of superiority. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor? Vaccine passport holders often act like a third grade student who receives a gold star to be placed on his shirt for achieving an "A" grade on a test score. Passport holders will boast of their superiority while looking down on others who have not received their special award.

     The entire scarlet letter vaccine card has created a black and white society. Those who have a "V" letter (vaccinated) are rewarded. Those who have a "UV" letter (unvaccinated) are punished.

     Another one of the primary problems with the vaccine passport system is that it gives passport holders a false sense of security. Now with their vaccine passport people can fly to other countries, take cruises, attend concerts and experience live sporting events. The problem is that more and more people who have been vaccinated are getting sick, becoming hospitalized and dying from the Covid-19 virus in spite of their passport and their vaccination.

     Every day we witness another high profile person (celebrity, athlete, politician) become sick and often die from Covid-19 in spite of being vaccinated. The vaccine passport is actually much more like a "paper tiger" than an actual protecting shield. A week or so ago a cruise leaving and returning to Florida found 27 people who had contacted the virus while on board the ship. All were previously vaccinated. One died. The paper tiger vaccine passport did not save any of them.

     Most people fall into the spell of the direction of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the "safe and effective" language. At first the CDC said that the Covid-19 vaccine was 90% effective. Would you want to fly on an airplane that had a 90% chance of getting you to your destination without crashing? You would say that this airplane is not safe or effective. Now the CDC is claiming that the Covid-19 vaccine is only 66% effective against the Delta variant. How many people are proudly waving their vaccine passports as they enter into a concert and realize that there is a 34% chance that they can catch a Covid-19 variant by attending the concert? The paper tiger passport strikes again.

     This false sense of security is even stronger realized when you understand how science tends to use "fuzzy math" when coming up with their data odds. Anyone knows that a good accountant can change a tax form to make a significant loss for a business to appear as if there is a profit. It is called "cooking the books." Science does this all the time.

     There are several methods to gather and analyze data. The "relative" method or the "absolute" method are two competing systems. Science always uses the method to gain the best results. Some math experts have reexamined the Covid-19 data and have concluded that the Covid-19 vaccine is only one percent effective. Now your paper tiger vaccine passport is not even worth the paper it is printed on. When science uses the term "safe and effective" they are surely insulting Noah Webster Jr. (founding editor of Webster's Dictionary).

    The CDC has admitted that there have been at least 6,207 people who have already died within 5 days of receiving their vaccine. Others claim this number is as high as 45,000. If one person a year dies from tainted romaine lettuce then millions of dollars of romaine lettuce are pulled from store shelves and destroyed. Yet vaccine manufactures are free of any liability. Congress has granted free immunity for any harm or death that vaccines cause.

     One would think that if vaccine manufacturers really believed in the safety and effectiveness of their products that they would stand behind them. They don't. In fact, over 4 billion dollars in claims against the harms of vaccines have been awarded to plaintiffs in the Vaccine Injury Court. Perhaps your vaccine passport might more accurately read "sometimes effective and always high risk". That would be a more accurate statement. How many people would change their mind with those odds? The vaccine industry works like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) when calling the space shuttle voyage a safe experience. (FYI... two space shuttles exploded killing several astronauts).
    What most vaccinated people also do not realize is that as they lay blame on unvaccinated people for the rise in Covid-19 variants, they themselves are to blame. Variants derive from vaccinated people. When you put poison in the body (like a vaccine) the body tries to fight it off and like the body has learned how to defeat many antibiotics, a stronger version of the virus emerges. Vaccinated people need to turn the mirror around and look at themselves because they are the ones who are responsible for emerging stronger variants.

    Vaccinated individuals with their vaccine passports are largely responsible for making others sick as well. After one receives a Covid-19 vaccine the body will "shed" the virus onto others who are nearby. This could last for several weeks after a vaccination. Others become sick by "spike proteins" being transferred to others, either the vaccinated or the unvaccinated. One's vaccine passport might alert us to the fact that there are many vaccinated individuals who are making others sick. In fact, vaccines have shown that they have the highest rate of failure of any consumer product on the market.

     This discriminatory wave that has criss-crossed the nation and the world by separating people into two groups (the vaccinated verses the unvaccinated) is now protected by the "deep state". Judges, courts, politicians, colleges, school teachers' unions and corporate executives continue to practice discrimination. Human rights are being squashed on all levels. Grey foxes, wild wolves in Montana and desert turtles have more protections and rights than do the unvaccinated. What we have is the fox guarding the hen house. The people and institutions responsible for protecting individual rights are now themselves trampling on those rights.

     This situation reminds me of a bus trip I once took throughout Spain. Despite numerous "no smoking" signs posted within the bus many passengers were still smoking. Not only was the bus driver not enforcing the no smoking ban but he was also passing out cigarettes to the passengers. The fox was wearing a bus driver uniform and the hens had no chance.  

     When does 12th century mentality stop blaming unvaccinated people for its own 21st century mistakes and failures? The Nazis blaming the Jews for all of the problems in German society was an ill-fated idea that ended up destroying many peoples' lives. Those with their vaccine passports blaming those without their vaccine passports is equally as destructive. Maybe it is time that we all head out to the garage, dust off those old history books and peer inside. Our ignorance of history is condemning us to repeat it. Oh, and by the way, when you head out to the dusty garage make sure that you wear your mask. Masks have proven to protect you from dust and not much more.



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