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 by Laramie Boyd
The Same Old Story
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           A survey follows for all those good citizens who hope America survives the current onslaught of mean, divisive behavior by both political parties, and for all those who believe that our elected representatives are a disgrace to the writers of our Constitution and the long ago dreamers of a great society, and to those hopeful but disappointed electors who put them in office.

Do you believe:

- Joe Biden would be a responsible, intelligent, willing- to- see- both- sides of- an- issue president, who never wavers on his goals or ideals?

- Nancy Pelosi is a leader whose fight for either impeachment or imprisonment for Donald Trump is what will make America a better country?

-Donald trump should be impeached or put in prison and that there is a much better standard bearer waiting in the wings who, if elected, will solve all the problems that Trump created?

- Al Sharpton is not the most vocally racially prejudiced representative of the Democratic Party?

- Now is the time for a Democratic president, whether or not one is qualified or not?

- While most citizens struggle to make payments for health coverage, illegal immigrants should be given free medical coverage along with other free benefits?

- Donald Trump has done things to encourage citizens to believe that their lives will get better when Democrats are in control of both houses of Congress and the presidency?

- That whatever the issue, a Democratic point of view is the best approach to a solution to any political problem? That a Republican point of view is never the best alternative?

- Etc, etc?                                                                                                                      

        If your answer to each question, or most of these questions, is yes, consider that you are part of the problems in America today. Until voters believe that others who disagree with them are not the enemy, and that vindictive politics are not serving the best interests of this country, until then, forget about the American Dream, a brighter future, or a future for our grandchildren that is better than the reality of today.

          How about this new liberal twist on the marijuana issue in prison? A judge ruled that it's legal to have "small amounts", usually 1 ounce or less, in prison, as long as the inmates don't inhale it. Am I mistaken or does that sound like a former Democratic president who said he had tried marijuana but didn't inhale, so he thought it was okay. I guess that suggests that discovery and enforcement of inmates using marijuana who are not inhaling would be a cinch. Was it the same guy who said he didn't have sex with a female office worker? Does that judge deserve his seat on the Bench?

          Do the statements of Nancy Pelosi, (I want Trump in prison), Hillary/Bill Clinton, (Liars should be removed from office), Al Sharpton, (too many racially prejudicial and bigoted remarks against white Americans to name), and the horde of liberals and potential runners for the White house in 2020, do their remarks of late really reflect a desire or platform for a better America? What official business are the liberal Senators and House Representatives involved in besides "get Trump" dialogue anyway? Does the liberal media pick and choose the news, always slanted, never in its entirety? Is it "fake news" or in fact "fake intelligence" exhibited by the far left lawmakers and most media?

         Yes, it's the same old story. A candidate for office will do anything, say anything, promise anything that they believe will improve their chances of being elected. And then, if elected, past promises are, like old times, not forgotten, they are just ignored to the tune of "evolving" priorities, which is defined as campaigning for the next election. That's what is taking place in America today. If you don't believe that, you are the problem, make no mistake.