The Road Ahead
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 by Frank Shortt
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With all the talk of making America greater and the rhetoric of both candidates trying to outdo each other, who can believe the half-baked, hybrid promises of either?

The ill-defined policies of the Democratic candidate, the indistinct policies of the Republican candidate are leading the American people to try and decide who is the lesser of two evils. The Democrats would rob the poor to help the other poor! The Republicans would continue to rob the middle class to support the whole thing. What’s to be done? Are we looking at a third party president?

Hillary’s promises are blurred by the fact that no reasonable explanation has been made of her handling of the Benghazi incident, as well as, her use of a private email during her tenure as Secretary of State. She and her infamous husband are alleged to have tried to cover up a few things in the past. On the other hand, Trump’s past is not squeaky clean by any stretch of the imagination. A filmy story has been told as to how he has handled his businesses. Who do we believe? By the time the legal system irons out all the kinks associated with each candidate, America will be stuck with another candidate with a, not too clear past, and will lead according to crisis mode instead of fixing the problems. Americans are so used to ‘hanging on a shoestring’ and ‘facing an unclear future’ that they will go blindly into the next ensuing storm without even questioning it as long as their larder is full.

Lately, each candidate has been very vague as to how they would handle a crisis in America. The last shooting spree took a total of 49 lives and wounded at least 53. All the candidates could say was how sorry they were that so many lives were wasted. Obama expressed great concern and grief, but was helpless to do anything else being a ‘lame duck’ president. The shooter, Omar Mateen, went down in a hail of police bullets, so he is not doing any talking! Not one of the candidates dare conjecture who was behind the massacre! Some things are simply not politically correct. Then there is poor old Bernie Sanders who does not know which way the ‘political’ wind is blowing! Poor America!

This election has gotten our press completely out of focus. Policies of each candidate are so obscure, they have the newsmen guessing. It seems that enough has been said already. What Americans would like to see is a candidate who will talk less, and do more! Where are the Abraham Lincolns who are willing to give their lives for a cause? Where is Harry Truman, who said, “The buck stops here?” If anyone in America, who is running for public office, presents anything except a bleary campaign, the poor old voter doesn’t know how to act. They are so used to baseless promises, they will fall for most anything that is thrown out as a possible solution to all our chaos.

A foggy horizon is seen in America at this time. It seems we are in for another misty future, just enough moisture to survive, with no long-lasting effects. It seems that the only way America could possibly pull out of this is to start over and do a lot of repenting!

There were two kings in the past who realized that their perspective governments were challenged because another country was moving in and was benefitting off the land that was supposed to be feeding their children. A former seer had directed a dire prophesy toward one of the kings, that we will call Ahem. It seems that Ahem had taken land belonging to one of his own subjects only because he coveted the grapes thereon. The other king was called Japhet. (This is beginning to sound like at least one of our candidates!) As to the matter of another economy controlling the land belonging to the two kings, is like what one of the candidates just said regarding immigrants taking the jobs of Americans. (Note: will any American squat all day in a hot field pulling weeds, or slave over a hot sink washing dishes in a stinking kitchen? Not in our lifetime!). Ahem called in all his seers, wise men, etc. to see what could be done about the land in question. These seers and wise men, numbering almost 400, all agreed that the two kings should go on up and push the other encroaching country clear out of their domain. One seer even prepared a set of horns to help with the job saying that his god had told him this very thing. These 400 had forgotten what the seer, Elkah had prophesied about King Ahem. The other king, Japhet, still had a faint recollection of what the former seer had said about the other king, Ahem, ‘that the dogs would lick his blood’ because of his prior indiscretions. Thusly, he said, “Isn’t there another seer in the land?”
“What do you mean, another seer,” King Ahem retorted! 4oo have already agreed that we should go up and take the land!”
Nevertheless, he acquiesced to the other king because he feared that Japhet would renege on the covenant they had made. He did not care that his children/subjects were hungry.

The frail, seemingly shy, ‘other seer’ called Macah, walked boldly into the faces of the two kings.
“Haven’t I commanded you to say only what our god has put into your mouth?” asked King Ahem.
“That is exactly what I intend to do,” Macah replied.
“What do you have to report?” asked King Ahem.
“I can only say what the former seer prophesied about your demise!” replied the ‘other seer’.
“Put him in the inner dungeon and when I return I will deal with him!” Ahem promised.
“If you return at all, then my god did not speak to me!” said Macah.
In the ensuing battle to rid the land of the encroaching enemy, King Ahem was penetrated with arrows, and King Japhet barely escaped. The enemy still occupied the land of the two kings!

Isn’t it time for our leaders, and would be leaders, to search our past history to see if there might be something back there that might lead us to making right statements and decisions? Any country is only as strong as its leadership. Mediocrity only leads to more mediocrity. Why should Americans accept “prosperity is coming!” when the skies are full of wealth just aching to be tapped into? Empty promises produce nothing but future heartache and a shadowy existence!