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 by Jon Burras
        The victory laps have now been taken and the champagne bottles uncorked. A jubilant celebration fills the air. The world has been saved and children everywhere will now be better off and have a complete opportunity to thrive and stay healthy. The governor of California has just signed SB277 which forces all children to have mandatory vaccinations if they wish to attend any school, (public or private), without any religious or personal exemptions allowed.
        While two thirds of Californians are celebrating this victory a large and vocal minority is outraged at this decision. Some claim that this has not only gone beyond the realm of "Big Brother" invading your life but is more akin to the days of Hitler and the Nazis where Jews and others became forced "guinea pigs" and were subjected to a variety of deadly toxins forced into their bodies. During this world event the unconscious and domineering majority were now holding hostage the meek and silent minority.
        The fundamental question is bold and clear. "Who owns your body?" We have expressed societal outrage at forced sterilizations of women, forced sexual encounters, forced branding, forced slavery, forced abortions, forced female genital mutilations, forced frontal lobotomies and forced castrations. Whether by a state government, family member or tribal collusion, we have seen over and over again the attacks on the human body by outside influences. In this particular case the state of California is telling parents that they do not own the rights to the bodies of their own children—the state owns those rights.
        Others cry out that we have not evolved beyond the level of barbarianism as this is just like the millions of Japanese Americans who were held prisoner in forced camps in the desert during World War Two. A fear-based majority had imprisoned American citizens without any rational or logical means, just because of the color of their skin. Hysteria and herd mentality were now running full steam ahead.
        The mandatory vaccine law is also a reminder of how the early white settlers of America rounded up and forced over twenty million Native Americans off their land and onto reservations. The Native Americans had no chance with a tyrannical and over-bearing dominant white culture expanding in every direction and eager to subjugate the defeated "red man." All of these tyrannical events were claimed by the overbearing masses as to be "best for society."
        These historical events are no different than what has just happened in California with SB277 and mandatory vaccinations for all children. The rights of parents have been stripped from them by a far-reaching governor and legislature. Injection of toxic substances into a child is just like the Nazis had done several decades earlier. Whether one believes in the merits or the evils of vaccines is not the issue. The real issue is the loss of personal rights and a tyrannical government imposing where it does not belong. The over-zealous claim that this is the best for public safety and best for society are the same rationale that these other domineering events used. While many wish to believe that we have evolved beyond our aggression-filled primitive ways of being, the reality is quite different. What most people do not realize is that we are heading even faster in a race to the bottom as tyranny by the majority has come to dominate the rights of the minority.
        When herd mentality and fear come together it is very difficult to stop. Most who are strong supporters of mandatory vaccines for all children have done very little research and investigation on their own. These individuals might have been "dumned" down by the talking points of the media and the pharmaceutical industry. Herd mentality is not based on logic or deep investigation of the topic; it is based on illogical and irrational debate points that most often have very little truth to them. These individuals are very easily swayed by the propaganda departments at media outlets and drug companies.
         The vaccine debate has been spurred on by recent outbreaks of measles at Disneyland. The hysteria and tyranny began as media sources, drug companies and most pediatricians began to use this event as the ground swell for turning the tide in the vaccine debate. If people were to investigate the topic further they would find that at least twelve percent of the people who acquired measles from the Disneyland outbreak had already been vaccinated for measles, some with at least two doses of the measles vaccine. So the proper way to report this minor outbreak would be to say that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people caught the measles at Disneyland. That is not what happened. A pro-vaccine media reported the story as though those "evil parents" who had not vaccinated their children were responsible for this outbreak.
        The majority of fear-based herd mentality people bought this lie and they have never looked back since. The number of measles cases in 2015 is actually much lower than in recent years. (In 2015 so far there were less than 200 cases of measles reported while over 600 cases were reported in 2014.) The fact that the out break happened at the "happiest place on Earth" (Disneyland) is what made this into a major story. If a few people contracted measles at a Western rodeo you would have never heard about the event.
        The illogical notion of herd mentality continues with the following rationale. In America it is illegal to discriminate because of religion, race or even skin color. Even gays and HIV positive people have far more protection than that of an unvaccinated child. Unvaccinated children frequently receive significant discrimination at school, birthday parties and other social events, often being barred from attending or publically shamed. What most people are not aware of because they have not investigated the topic further is that those who are already vaccinated have an equal chance or even higher of spreading or catching a disease. Vaccines are not as reliable as we are told. Vaccination is not immunization. Just because one is vaccinated does not necessarily mean that he or she is immune to a disease. In some measles outbreaks for example, it is primarily the already vaccinated person who is catching and spreading the disease and the unvaccinated person often remains unscathed.
        Just look at the epic failure of the flu shot. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) the 2014 fly shot had an overall effectiveness of between 47-62 %. Others have measured the success of the flu shot between 0-7 %. According to Dr. J. Anthony Morris, "There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway."------Dr. J. Anthony Morris (formerly Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA)
        Furthermore, in defense of logic, if parents truly believed that vaccines were effective then why does it even matter if your vaccinated child is around an unvaccinated child? If you believe in vaccines then a child should be protected no matter what. Herd mentality irrational folks never understand this argument. But vaccines don't really work like they are promised and the unvaccinated child becomes the scapegoat. One of the main arguments that pro-vaccine merchants make is that mandatory vaccination is necessary for the protection of public safety. How can public safety be in jeopardy if already vaccinated children are also catching and spreading disease? This black and white thinking is beyond the scope of pro-vaccine people to consider. These people believe that your unvaccinated child is evil and their vaccinated child is protected. Without realizing it, the already vaccinated children too are spreading the disease, often much more than the unvaccinated children. Logic and hysteria seldom are seen at the same time.
         When the feared-based majority does not investigate issues the emotions of tyranny take over. While pro-vaccine parents think they are saving children the reality is that they are actually weakening the immune system of their own child and establishing a culture where scientific and institutional bullying become the norm. Many wish to ignore the millions of children who have suffered mild to moderate health reactions after receiving a vaccination. Many wish to ignore the thousands who have been permanently damaged by vaccines. Many wish to turn their heads to the hundreds of children who have been killed by vaccines.
         As the United States Vaccine Court has already issued billions of dollars in damage settlements to parents whose children have been either killed or damaged by vaccines, the tyrannical majority along with law makers continue to proclaim the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. This only happens until a member of the majority has a vaccine injury or death happen to a member of their own family. The United States government has given the vaccine industry complete immunity from any prosecution if a child is harmed or killed by a vaccine. How many products can say the same? The collusion between the United States government and the vaccine industry has given the vaccine industry a free pass. If vaccines were so safe, why would the vaccine industry need this immunity?
        All it takes is one child to die or be injured by a newly released toy for all of these same toys to be recalled and banned outright. Yet millions of children have had mild to severe reactions to vaccines and many have died, yet we still keep calling vaccines safe. This just goes to show you where we place our importance: money matters and children don't.
        Several years back Dell had a problem with some of its lap top computer batteries catching fire. All it took was a handful of batteries to be defective for Dell to declare the product unsafe and to recall and replace millions of batteries. Recently, the United States government has forced automobile airbag manufacturer Takata to repair and replace millions of automobile airbags because a handful of them have exploded prematurely while injuring or killing a few people. All it took was a handful of incidences for this massive recall. Yet millions of children have had reactions to vaccines, thousands of children have been permanently harmed by vaccines and hundreds of children have been killed by vaccines. The United States government, most pediatricians, the pharmaceutical industry and the vocal and ignorant majority still keep calling vaccines safe. I guess automobiles and computers are more important than the health of our children.
        Putting poisonous toxins into the human body ought to be an elective procedure, not one mandated by an over-zealous and misinformed majority. The ingredients in vaccines would make you sick to hear them. Fetal tissues, mercury, aluminum, antibiotics, MSG, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol are just some of the ingredients.
        This aggressive reach by state government is only the first step in a global effort to control the bodies of all citizens. Doctors and nurses are already mandated in many states to be vaccinated if they wish to work in a hospital setting. Next will come the forced vaccinations of all teachers, child care workers, hair stylist, nail care workers, chiropractors, massage therapists, coaches, yoga teachers and any one else who comes in close proximity with children or the human body while working. The tyranny will only continue to grow if left unchecked as the feeding frenzy of mass hysteria and ignorance continues to grow.
        The illogical majority often uses the rhetoric that science has already spoken and proven vaccines to be safe and effective. They use the argument that there is no evidence that vaccines are unsafe. The problem with this way of thinking is that if you are not looking for evidence you will not find it. The pro-vaccine crowd is not looking for evidence concerning the harm done by vaccines and thus they can proclaim vaccines to be safe. This is an interesting logic.
        The United States Constitution declares that the government is “of the people, by the people and for the people.” While this phrase looks good on paper the reality is quite different. Our current government is more enmeshed with corporations than ever before. The modern day corporation can be more easily described as the fourth branch of government. When government enacts new laws there is a good chance that these new laws are just a hand out to corporations. This we see in the mandatory vaccine law debate. Is it really about public safety or is the real reason for this tyranny to maximize corporate profits for the drug industry?
        We have seen on many occasions the tyranny of the unconscious herd mentality controlling the outcome of minority groups. From the unruly lords of the Inquisition who burned women at the stake just for owning a cat, to the feared-based politicians who imprisoned millions of Japanese Americans in America, once again we have reverted back to the Dark Ages. Government believes it owns your body and can do whatever it wishes to do with it.The line has been crossed and Americans will not stand for this intrusion into their lives. No matter if you believe in the effectiveness of vaccines or believe vaccines to be harmful, we can all agree that our bodies belong to us and not to a government body.If this foolishness is not stopped now then what is next? Will computer chips be mandatorily implanted into our heads? Will organs be harvested from your body while you are healthy and alive because someone important needs a new kidney or liver? You might have a kidney taken from you so the state can sell it to help pay its debts.
        As of July 1/2015 the California legislature is working on a bill to mandate the vaccination of all pre-school and early education teachers. Next might come legislation giving the government authority to mandate that your child take Adderall or some other drug. We are quickly reverting backwards and racing to the bottom.
        When will you stand up for your rights and demand this nonsense to change? SB277 is not about vaccines; it is about control of your own body. This is the beginning and not the end. Which direction this agenda turns is up to how many people wake up in time to realize what is really happening.
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