The Ocean's Wisdom
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 by Manuel Batlle
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The sunlight is present radiating my face and warming my skin. What is this place of so many waves (shelves) of water (books with knowledge)? What is this beach (library) where the sand (carpet) is immobile?

Where is the ocean breeze? Wait I think I feel it! No sorry, that was just a librarian moving swiftly to make the waves more dense, as she looks exactly and figures where in this maze to put this book. The breeze lacked the iodine which was replaced by the molecules of tide from the clean clothes she wears.

Why don't these waves move? Where are the sounds of the crashing waves and the rippling of water? Wait, there it is, no it was just the falling of a book out of the hand of the busy body mother that found a droplet of water that she needs to know what to expect when expecting.

Where are the seagulls? Where are the diving pelicans? There they are, no sorry! These are children that have come, curious, getting close, wondering what it is I so intently read. This is no French fry, this is medical knowledge. Poor things! If they only knew, this is no teeter totter.  Wait! What about the diving pelican? That was just a running child that dove into the carpet tripping over the obstructing presence of nothing, as always.

Although not an ocean there are many waves of wisdom and things that can be learned. For now all I can do is muster my imagination and learn when to use a biopsy on a thyroid adenoma and eventually these water droplets will assist in being where the ocean breezes flow, the ripples of water crash and the pelicans dive.
No mind, no equation suffices to satisfy my understanding on Your reflection. All I see is a sphere, a ball that illuminates space in the absence of light. A sphere, that may look absent by the passing clouds, a sphere that may seem distant from the observers' position. A sphere, that ascends and seems small, yet a sphere. I stand on my notion, that I know that no matter how far, how high, how indistinct the details, I know Your light is true and faithful, able to be present both in the future and the past, able to inspire art, love, serenity, and graceful linear movement. To you of the future I wonder, is it I, or can this nocturnal light warm beings with its cotton like rays because when I open my eyes the warmth I feel, is inside.
This writing is about how God reflects His light on the believer and the effect on others that come and see the light being reflected. It is how the moon reflects the gifts of the spirit, and since it is still the Word, it has the effect to energize others no matter in what time zone they are. since email and phone calls make the presence of the living word ever-present (in the same way the one moon can be seen by all in all time zones).