The new attack on America
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         Osama bin Laden’s right hip ached more than ever. The doctors told him twenty six years ago that the arthritis would get worse and the pains would grow in intensity and they were correct. On this day his throbbing hip sent waves of pain down his right leg and upwards towards his spine. His hatred of America didn’t stop him from seeking relief from his aching hip by taking two Aleve, made in America.
          He had walked with the aid of a cane for the past twenty six years.
          As he waited for his associates to join him in the cave he sat on two large pillows and extended his right leg, the one with the stabbing pain. He waited for the relief from the two Aleve. He stared ahead and sat quietly, calmly fondled the stock of an automatic rifle – a Kalishnikov.
          Bin Laden felt safe in the cave, located in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. The darkness of the cave was lighted by kerosene lanterns placed every few feet on the cave walls. Most of the wall space was covered with expensive Oriental rugs. The cave, fifty feet wide, extended seventy five yards into the barren mountainside. Beyond the seventy five yards, the cave narrowed to twenty feet wide and one hundred feet deep. The opening of the cave was so well hidden that American military search parties had come within fifty yards of the opening and had not seen it.
          Five men sat with bin Laden around a small coal fire. The five were his closest confidants, the core of Al-Qaeda. They called each other brothers. Immediately to bin Laden’s right sat Ayman al-Zawahiri, the man, next to bin Laden, responsible for the growth of Al-Qaeda and the man whose spiritual and idealistic leadership guided the terrorist activities of the militant Islamic group.
          The others, sitting around the fire were two Al-Qaeda leaders from Saudi Arabia, one from Iran and one from Pakistan. The six were waiting for three additional members of the important Al-Qaeda council – from India, Palestine and Somalia.
          The three arrived within a few minutes of each other, escorted inside the cave by heavily armed guards, loyal to their deaths to Osama bin Laden. Outside the cave, hidden from all observers, roamed a dozen other armed guards. Stationed a mile away were sixty other heavily armed members of the Al-Qaeda local militia.
          The evening’s meals were prepared by two of the guards. They cooked with their Kalishnikov rifles strapped to their backs. Each carried hidden daggers, secreted inside their shirts. All in attendance were devoted Sunni Muslims who had sworn to fight to their deaths for their cause and for each other.
          Osama bin Laden rose to welcome and offer hugs to each arriving member. The strain on his hip caused him to immediately return to his sitting position. Each arrival found his seat around the warming fire. The group ate their dinners and then relaxed to talk with each other. The pain in bin Laden’s hip and leg was lessening thanks to the efficacy of the American made Aleve. The nagging pain was cut in half. Al-Zawahiri noticed the strain in his compatriots face lessen.
          The small fire sent licks of light and shadows bouncing off bin Laden’s long, slender face. Realizing that his pain was subsiding, the tall, thin terrorist leader struggled to his feet, braced his sturdy cane and gained the attention of his followers. He said, “Blessed be Allah and thank you, my closest friends, for coming here. I am sorry for your long journey. Tonight we shall talk and tomorrow morning you will be on your way home.”
          The men returned his greeting, “Blessed be Allah and blessed be you, our revered leader. Good health to you through eternity.”
          Bin Laden offered his thanks and said, “Since our last meeting, some eighteen months ago, in this same cave, you have each been doing the work of Allah. Most of what we have planned has born fruit. Allah’s will has been expressed through your actions. Now we must plan again. We must plan a Fatwa that will further our world wide goals. As we sit here, the world-wide alliance of Christians and Jews are conspiring to destroy Islam. Our goal of causing the end of foreign influence in Muslim countries and creating a new Islamic Caliphate grows closer to the truth.”
          “When we spoke here in January of 2007 we talked of planning suicide attacks and simultaneous bombings at different targets all across the world and especially in America. Those plans are still valid and we will achieve our goals. However, now, as the world has grown to know our destructive power we have another important journey to take.”
          The men, sitting around the fire, listened closely. They could tell that something important was about to be revealed.
          “The oil crisis around the world has now become a strong ally to our goals. Many of the countries of the world are beginning to sink under the weight of the rising oil prices. America, for one, is undergoing a severe crisis. Oil and gasoline prices are surging and the people of America are starting to feel the consequences of oil more than doubling in price just this year. The American worker is starting to panic. They are starting to march in the streets in protest to the increasing price of oil. The rise in the price of oil and gasoline has made the prices of American’s staple foods rise tremendously. The foods that Americans put on their tables are being priced at more than Americans can afford.”
          “My brothers in Islam, we have not yet seen the real effect of the high prices of oil and gasoline. As prices rise we will see Americans unable to afford to repair and rebuild their roads, or travel on airplanes, or journey on vacations in their cars, or run their machines, or create cheap, usable energy. Americans will soon not be able to afford driving their cars to their workplaces. Their dairy foods, their meats, the very lubricants for their machines will become so expensive that Americans will suffer and millions more will someday soon be rioting in their streets.”
          “We must do everything in our power to have our brothers in organizations such as O.P.E.C. continue to raise prices of the oil they produce.”
          “My brothers, we no longer stand alone. Our allies in Islam who produce oil are helping us fight the Jews and Christians of the world. Our own goals of attacks and bombings must continue. It is time for us to take advantage of the state that countries like America are in. America has yet to feel the full impact of the oil crisis. When the average American feels the crushing weight of the increase of oil and gasoline prices they will rise and rebel against the leaders of their country. Chaos will follow when we produce bombings and terror on American soil. Then our Muslim brotherhood will be closer to converting millions of Americans to Islam and Allah.”
          “And so, my brothers in Islam, I ask you to do whatever is necessary to have your countries continue raising prices of oil – especially to America. We must not stop this battle to destroy America and its allies. We must also keep America engaged in Iraq. We will bleed their armies and their treasury. We must kill their soldiers and then withdraw, giving them hope. Then, when they think they are winning we will kill more of their soldiers. We must continue to have the American public confused about their war in Iraq.”
          “My fellow soldiers in Islam. We are on the march towards creating a world ruled by Islam. Our goals are becoming reality. The joining of the world crisis in oil and gasoline with our goals of bombings and terrorism will bring us our hoped for victory over evil America and the world.”
          “My brothers, I urge you to return to your home countries and do all possible to continue the crisis in oil and gasoline. Continue to bomb and terrorize those non-believers in your countries. Cause the unrest that will become riots and the overthrow of your governments. Do everything to cause the prices of the goods the non-believers use to rise to the point of being unaffordable. This is how we will achieve our goals of a world worshiping only Islam.”
          “Make the fires of unrest burn. Destroy the economies of your countries until the millions beg for the rule of Islam.”

          Osama bin Laden, his right leg and hip aching, placing his weight on his cane, shook the hands of each man in his presence. He said, “I thank you for coming here. I offer you my blessings. We are on the road to creating an Islamic world. May Allah be with you on your trip home.”
          . The leaders of Al-Qaeda traveled the dusty roads to their homes continuing their efforts to terrorize the world.
          In Wisconsin the owner of a trucking business tells his wife that the increasing price of diesel fuel is causing him to lose his business. In Nebraska a farmer contemplates how he can afford the gasoline to run his tractor he needs to harvest his cornfields. In California the mayor of a small city tells his city council that the improvements planned for their city’s roads will have to be postponed for an unknown time in the future. He explains that the asphalt used to repave the streets is a petroleum product and the city taxes can no longer cover the cost of the materials. In a small town in Idaho a restaurant owner sits at a desk with his menu. He goes through the menu, raising prices on every item served. The trucking company bringing him his raw foods, the eggs, the meat, the bread had just raised their prices so he had to raise his prices. In California an elderly couple decided that they would have to do without meat in their diet five days a week. They could no longer afford those little gifts they used to give to their grandchildren.