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Week of 4.17.2006
The meeting at Tabriz
          It was a terrifying dream.
          Less than 50 people in the entire world knew of the scheme. The initial planning had taken over two years. The direction had been set, and now all that was left was to solidify the details, set dates and times and make the assignments. 
          The presidents and prime ministers of each country had secretly authorized the actions. Each country’s leader had sent its most trusted military chief to the meeting. The presidents and prime ministers had sworn to each other that if news of the plan was leaked immediate denials would be made.  
          Each country would send their top general to the meeting, each protected by 4 of their most experienced armed guards, with one of the guards driving the armored SUV with darkly tinted windows. Each general would sit in the rear seat, elbow to elbow with a fearless guard on either side.
          The routes were secret and involved changing roads and highways often to throw off any suspicion.
          The six black SUVs left their countries on different days. It would take each from two to four days on the road before reaching their destination. There would be no contact between each group. They were told to be at the destination precisely at 2 p.m. on the coming Thursday.
         Upon arrival they will set up a tent, carried by one of the SUV’s and sit on chairs carried in another. Each SUV would carry enough food and drink for its four passengers.
         The destination was Tabriz, in the northern part of Iran, near Azerbaijan, close by to Lake Urmia. The elevation of Tabriz is 4,500 feet. Near an inlet by Lake Urmia sits a rough, mountainous area, covered with brush, bushes and outcroppings of granite. The area is of no importance to anyone, it is rarely traveled. This is exactly where the six SUV’s were headed.
          Thursday dawned hot and bright. The sun rolled across the sky and two o’clock came. Within 5 minutes the six SUVs arrived at the same location.
          The tent was set up, chair positioned. The guards were told to surround the tent and to shoot anyone coming within 50 feet.
          Here, high in the barren hills of Iran came the top military generals from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Yemen and Oman. Each was clothed in his native garb. Each carried a dagger and an automatic pistol.
          The general from Iran stood and barked, “Let us begin. We each know why we are here and what we must accomplish.” The Syrian general agreed, “We are ready to put the plan together and implement it.” Generals from Jordan, Yemen and Oman nodded.
           The Iranian general, considered by himself and the others to be the natural leader, fondled the pistol on his right hip and said, “We all agree that beginning in two months Iran will tell the world that the Israelis have launched a rocket into Tehran and we will be forced to retaliate. We will launch field grade atomic warheads to Tel Aviv. American will come to Israel’s defense and there will be furious fighting for a few months. Then the United Nations will plead for peace.”
          “This will force America to fight a two-front war.”
          The short, bearded Syrian general raised his right arm, poked at the air and spoke, “As soon as the furor subsides slightly, which should be in six months, or so, Syria will report that Israeli commandoes have bombed the building housing our country’s legislature and we will launch rockets aimed at Tel Aviv, Petah and Be’re Sheva. Once again, America will be forced to aid Israel. America will once again be stretched across our lands, fighting for its life.”
          The general from Iraq told the others that a few months after the three Israeli cities are bombed insurgents will increase their suicide bombings and attack United States’ forces still located in Iraq.
          Next came the assurance from the Yemeni general that his military forces will be ready to follow the action in Iraq with the falsified report of attacks by Americans at the border of Yemen and they would respond with nuclear tipped rockets aimed at American and Israeli forces.
         Generals from Jordan and Oman offered their plans for retaliation involving the false attacks by American or Israel forces.
          All agreed that within two years American and Israeli forces would be stretched across the middle east, unable to fight a war on four, five and six fronts.
          The monetary cost to the United States would cause severe damage to the American economy. Tens of thousands of young Americans would die. The American public would be outraged by the cost and human toll and would demand that all troops be withdrawn from the entire area. Israel would no longer exist as it is today. Certain areas would be so radioactive that human presence would be forbidden for thirty years. 
          Dates and locations were agreed upon. The six generals looked at each other and rose from their chairs.
          The Iranian general nodded to each of the others and said, “Then, we are agreed. We have a plan that will result in Americans being removed from our lands and all the lands of the Middle East. Much blood will be spilled, but it will all be worth it. Our lands will return to those who belong here. The infidels will die or run back across the ocean like scared rats.”
           With that the generals folded their chairs, tore down the tent and walked to their SUVs.
          The long drives to their homelands were filled with anticipation of the coming battles.
          My hope is that I was dreaming. I hoped I had a nightmare.
Their plan to rule the world
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