The Little City That Ruled
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 by Frank Shortt
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There was once a very rich, little city, called Roth, built on several hillsides. She gained her wealth by many sordid and nefarious means. By obtaining all her wealth, she was able to begin telling other kingdoms what they could or could not do. In fact, she became so strong that she was able to tell other kingdoms when to fight and when to lay down their arms. She even controlled the Nation of which she was part of.

Fame of the city of Roth went out all over the world, mostly, by glorifying herself. She was not shy about patting herself on the back. As a result her ambassadors were welcomed into most all other countries. The rulers of the earth were more than willing to follow her example as they were just as corrupt as she. Her ambassadors conquered other lands by promises of riches, fame, and fortune. Pie in the sky in the sweet by and by!

It was not long until little Roth became controller of all commerce, shipping, and trade between all the nations of which she was overseer. In fact, she even controlled the uncrowned kings, known as dictators, of other little countries. By having agreement with the little city Roth, all the cities flourished, merchandising in gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, silk, linen, ivory, precious wood, brass, cinnamon, odors, ointments, wine, oil, fine flour, wheat, sheep, and horses. The sad part is that she controlled the souls of men. These cities became so dependent upon her that when she finally collapsed it left them without the riches that they had become accustomed to. She crumbled because of mass confusion in her own ranks!

The United Kingdom of Jefferson began humbly as a nation that was known for her hard working people. As the westward movement progressed, she became richer and richer, more powerful, and was sought out by many people of other countries to come to her. At first she had freedom of the press, of religion, and many freedoms that are no longer enjoyed by her citizens today. She pushed back the inhabitants of the West, killed off their food supplies, and conquered the remnant through the sword, gunpowder, and germs that was introduced to the aboriginals. She would even use religious means to carry out her plans of conquest.

As the U.K. of J. became a more powerful nation, she began to meddle in foreign affairs that she had no business meddling in. When wars were fought on foreign soil she interfered by taking the side of the one she considered closest to her philosophies. She controlled the commerce of the world by her economic sanctions and through coercing them to give in to her way of thinking. She told them of weapons that could destroy them in five minutes. She told them that they must embrace the form of Government that the U.K. of J. was engaged in. If they did not adhere to her way of thinking, she found ways to cause them to get into wars with neighboring countries. This is so that she could side with their common enemy and rain fire from the skies upon them until there was nothing left but a remnant to carry on. She did not realize that she had become just the same as her predecessor, Roth. She collapsed the same way!

How many times throughout history have greedy men, hungry for power, taken it upon them to conquer everything in their path? We’ve had our Alexander the Great, our Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and many others who have copied the forerunner, Roth, to carry out what they thought was their right to do. Such is what happens when men become power hungry, greedy, and despotic. They lose all sight of what is right, even to their own families. It will be noted that each Conquerer ended up in total confusion.

Is the U.S. of A. heading that way? Has she become so powerful that this will be her undoing? It was said of Israel, throughout her chaotic history that as she pushed farther and farther into her Promised Land, that she began taking on the habits and customs of the very ones she conquered. Is this happening to the U.S.? Are we headed back to living in a Barbaric condition? Our legislatures are forcing, by passing laws about everything we do, to once again become Barbaric in nature. We are striking out at the encroaching of Roth once again. Who are the real Barbarians?

This country of America has become a mass of confusion. Her citizens do not know what to do or which way to turn. They actually believe everything that the story-hungry media will feed them. Her very form of government, a two party system, has been her undoing. This is exactly what happened to Roth and to everyone who copied her ways. Our two major parties cannot agree on anything and this has caused mass confusion!