Jon Burras



      For most of our human history we have been plagued by infectious diseases that have ravaged continents and wiped out large sectors of many cultures. These infectious diseases have been mitigated by pathogens spreading by various means in bodies that were weakened or ill-equipped to handle such invaders. While it might seem trivial to state the obvious there is a new reason to be concerned.

            Until the beginning of the twentieth century most people died in the United States and much of the Western World due to infectious diseases. These diseases were the likes of the following; typhoid fever, influenza, small pox, tuberculosis, yellow fever, and cholera. While these causes of death are still prominent in many developing countries much has changed elsewhere. In the developed world, due to better hygiene, nutrition, and sanitary conditions, death by infectious diseases is very rare. Instead, the United States and most of the Western world are currently besieged by “culturalgenic” diseases and self-inflicted diseases called “degenerative” diseases.

            Culturalgenic diseases are those that are specific to a certain culture due to particular practices within that culture. Degenerative diseases are those in which the body begins attacking itself. The body becomes out of balance and in order to correct this imbalance begins to destroy itself. Unfortunately, Western medicine has done very little to address the causes of culturalgenic and degenerative diseases and still battles these diseases as if they were infectious diseases. Western medicine still blames germs for disease when that is rarely the case.

            We have a new list of the major causes of death in the United States. These leading causes of death are not necessarily due to germs or any other pathogens. These leading causes of death are due to our own volition. The following are the current leading causes of death in the United States.

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