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Leah Lieberman
First of all, I will say that within a few weeks I will reach the age of 88 years. During that time there have been some good times and some times that were not so good. I remember, for example, the depression years when I was a little girl and could not do some of the things that many of my classmates did. But somehow, my mother always managed to put food on the table.

I am grateful for a happy marriage, that ended only when my husband died of a heart attack the day after we celebrated our 25th anniversary. And I am grateful for a good son, now in his mid-forties, who has an excellent job and has been very generous to me.

During my working years, I was fortunate to be employed by New York University Medical Center which provided good benefits, and allowed me to pursue a college degree while I was working. My son was also able to take advantage of this benefit and got a very good education at NYU at very little expense. He studied computer science and this enabled him to pursue the career that he wanted: he is a Systems Analyst. I was required to join a union, another lucky thing, as I now have a good health plan and retirement pension..

I have very fond memories of travels that I was able to make in past years: Canada, Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Florida, Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. As well as England, Greece, Italy and Israel.

I live a modest life today, no longer travel. But I'm happy to have the friends and acquaintances here at a local community center. along with the activities which that entails.
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