The Irony of Honoring Our Heroes By Firing Them
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 by Jon Burras
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     Every day on my drive to work I pass several homes with subtle display signs out front on their yards. I often experience a warm and fuzzy feeling as I am reminded about how good people do good things and how society is filled with good people. These yard signs are a pleasant reminder of the present and of the not so distant past as well, when Covid-19 first appeared. We were all locked down and prevented from going to work or to other gathering spots while a few courageous people were still out there in the world providing essential services for us.
     "Thank You First Responders: We Love You!" is written on these yard signs. This is indicative of the uncertain times when we had very little information about how serious Covid-19 was, how it was transmitted and whether anyone should be going to work at all. But through the hell of it all, many people still showed up to work. This included the following: nurses, doctors, other medical staff, food service employees, military personnel, airline staff, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, police officers and many others. We cherished all of them and called them our "heroes".
     As I keep driving past these lawn signs praising our "heroes" my slight euphoria quickly turns to despair. I abruptly readjust my mental calendar to its present moment. We are now in 2021 and not in the year 2020 any more. Things have quickly changed. I suddenly realize that many of those very same heroes of last year are now considered villains. All across America, from school districts to corporate businesses, from hospitals to police departments, those very same heroes are now being fired from their jobs.
      Through my often hopeful outlook on life, I become enraged beyond belief. My first and loudest statement is the following: "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, AMERICA!" The only fault these heroes have is that they are free-thinkers and have chosen not to get a mandated vaccine. You would have thought that they were all child molesters or murderers.
     This reminds me of much of American history. The United States government broke nearly every treaty it ever signed with the Native Americans. "First Responders" helped America get through a crisis and now can be discarded and thrown away because they are no longer "essential." Not much has changed. Social loyalty only lasts as long as a mist of vape spray dissipating in the air. Loyalty has been replaced with disdain; a democratic society replaced with blind obedience.

     Why would nearly 30-4o% of nurses, firefighters, teachers, military members and others choose not to get a vaccine? Maybe they know something that the common folk do not. They are in the "field" every day. They are smart people. Why are corporations and government officials denying them a paycheck and a livelihood? We hear every day that companies are having a hard time finding enough workers. This is like idiots speaking with other idiots. If you are firing a portion of your work force because they are not bowing down to your fear-based policies, why do you imagine that you cannot find enough workers?
     In some states like New York, there have been so many nurses fired by the elitists that many hospitals have had to shut down. Others have had to request that the National Guard come into the hospital and provide necessary medical help. These are courageous individuals who may or may not have any medical training. It must be quite the juggling act. Imagine how difficult for a National Guard troop to have to try to delivery a baby in a maternity ward while still managing to secure his or her M-16 automatic rifle on their back.
     In some parts of the country, the National Guard has had to come in and replace bus drivers. Other areas of infrastructure, restaurants, and tech jobs often find the same problem. When you fire skilled employees, some who have worked in their profession for decades, of course you will have a difficult time filling out your employee work shifts.
     There are now two Americas-heroes and hypocrites. People who have chosen not to be vaccinated are not dumb and uneducated individuals. In fact, they are some of the most educated people who do not necessarily believe everything that they are told. Nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, teachers, and police officers fall into this category. A study of 5 million people showed that 26% of the unvaccinated people had a Ph.D. level education. These are people who are used to researching things and not just accepting dumbed-down logic.
     The President of the United States (Joe Biden), his Homeland Security Secretary and the State Department have already allowed into the United States hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of people who were not vaccinated. Other fringe groups have escaped the vaccine mandates as well. These illegal immigrants, refugees, along with many homeless people, drug addicts and others, are frequently treated much better than the common American taxpaying citizen. The heroes of our generation are punished. Others are given a free pass because they serve as "political capital".
     Hypocrisy seems to be a sandwich eaten for lunch every day by politicians. It is regular, all consuming and is digested like normal. Even those who are not in politics have no answer as to why illegal immigrants, refugees, and homeless people are not required to be vaccinated, but hard-working American heroes have to be. Politics over common sense always wins out.
     In 1986 I visited Russia and viewed the waxy corpse of Vladimir Lenin that was on display in Red Square in a shiny glass coffin. Lenin was believed to be one of the main influences in the creation of Marxism. I was relieved knowing that I would never ever get as close to Marxism as I was that day in Moscow. I was wrong. America is besieged by Marxism ever day now. When our heroes are being vilified and fired from their gainful employment, their lifelong careers and their pensions, then we have a serious problem. Marxism has arrived like the Monarch butterflies in their yearly journey.
     Many people across the globe used to applaud America and Americans for their democratic and humanitarian values that America represented. That attitude has quickly changed. In the last few years, America's status in the world has clearly declined. American values are not what they used to be. Freedom of speech and ownership of your own body have disappeared and have been replaced by totalitarian tactics. You might have had much better luck having lived in the Soviet Union during the times of Joseph Stalin. Current American values seem to be coercion, dishonesty, disloyalty and disrespect. Welcome to the new age.
     My belief is this. When we all die and (hopefully) go to Heaven, there will be two lines at the gates of Heaven waiting for our arrival. To the right is the fast pass for heroes to enter right away without delay. To the left is the line for hypocrites. I am not sure how long a line this will be or how long it will take to get into the promised land.
     All I know is that as I pass those yard signs each morning I say a prayer and a blessing for our heroes. It is not always easy or popular to be a hero. It seems that we would much rather honor a hero in a Marvel comic book than a real life one. America has always been a "throw away" society. Things have not changed much.