The Hypocrisy of the "Public Health" Debate
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 by Jon Burras
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     All across America, from every street corner to mall parking lot, we have heard nothing but loud screeching voices proclaiming "Public Health Crisis, Public Health Crisis, Public Health Crisis". We are all expected to jump in line like at a soup kitchen waiting for our plate of stale food and not question any of the rhetoric being spoken. We are being mandated to get vaccinated, show our vaccine passport to go out in public and wear a mask at all times.
     While this might seem like the normal and sensible thing to do there are some very loud omissions here. The biggest omission is that America, its citizens, corporate executives and its politicians, have never really been much interested in public health. Why is now any different? Americans have done an immeasurable amount of things to our bodies and our society to make one wonder if health is really important at all, no less "public health". The reality is that what is happening right now in our society and across the globe has very little to do with public health. It is really about totalitarianism and submission.
     Recant your history books back to the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries when colonialism was at its highest points. Many European nations would set sail across vast oceans and conquer the local indigenous peoples while forcing them into submission. Not only did these conquerors steal their treasures like gold and silver, they enslaved the local people and forced them to change their ideologies, notably their religion.
     The Spanish for instance, conquered much of North, South and Central America. Along with the Spanish soldiers came the Catholic priests. Indigenous people were either killed or forced to give up their "pagan" rituals and convert to Christianity. The Catholic Church and the Spanish soldiers determined what truth was and they would not allow people to have another opinion. The indigenous people were forced into submission or were killed.
     Our current Covid 19 pandemic is not about public health either. It is really about the scientific mind attempting to dominate natural wisdom. The narrow minded scientific authorities are using this pandemic to control the mind-set of the vast majority of the population. They are doing it under the disguise of "public health".
     The United States has never been interested in public health. Now is no different. Look at how our oceans and rivers have become polluted with chemicals and plastics. Nobody is banning plastic any time soon. Most Americans suffer from chemical toxicity due to heavy metals like mercury leeching into the oceans from industrial manufacturing. Do you see us banning manufacturing or the commercial fishing of tuna or salmon any time soon? When you go to the supermarket to purchase your salmon steak or your can of tuna you are really saying that your health is really not that important.
     Chemical plants are allowed to belch millions of tons of toxic residue into the air each year. The public is not complaining that their public health is at stake. Many young people become asthmatic due to these pollutants in the air. We just turn our backs and do not seem to care. Many believe that chemical companies are releasing into the atmosphere tons of used chemicals. These are called "chemtrails". Airplanes fly over head each day with large white flumes behind them. These toxic chemicals then rain down on our homes, businesses and farm fields. Nobody seems to care about public health when it comes to toxic fumes pouring down on us. We ignore acid rain just like another homeless person urinating in the street that we need to step over to make our way along the sidewalk.
     We continue to build freeways next to parks, schools and playgrounds. Thousands or cars passing by each day release tons of chemicals into the air to be breathed into by our children out playing or in their class rooms. Where is the public out roar about this in regard to public health?
     Our food supply is so tainted with additives and preservatives that you might not even call it food any more. More like a scientific experiment, thousands of known cancer causing chemicals have been approved to be used in our food. Why is there no uprising about the deterioration of our public health when it comes to our food supply?
     The average supermarket is more like a scientific lab experiment than anything else. From wax on fruit to boxed packages and radiated foods, most of what we eat barely resembles food anymore. Our bodies are immeasurably polluted with bleached white flour, rancid hydrogenated oils, sugar and artificial coloring. Where is the out cry about our public health being affected?
     While the First Lady (Michele Obama) was building an organic garden in the front of the White House, her husband (President Barrack Obama) was giving away the nation's food supply to the drug and chemical industries by approving GMO crops (genetically modified organisms). Most nations of the world either severely restrict or ban out right the use of GMOs. The Untied States, despite no long term testing and verified scientific research demonstrating the harm these crops cause, has totally embraced their use. When it comes to our public health and food supply, we do not really care much.
     We live in a nation dominated by grains like corn, soy and wheat. Almost all of these are GMO and subsidized by the government. A society based on these is almost certain to have health issues. A more common sense approach would be to subsidize organic farmers and make organic produce accessible to everyone. Corporate lobbying would never agree to that.
     Miles of row crops might make money for a farmer or for a company but will doom the health of a nation. Pesticides and herbicides sprayed onto these crops are anything but healthy for human consumption. Plaguing the United States currently is the contamination of most farm soil by Glyphosate, a chemical commonly found in Round Up weed killer. Billions of dollars of lawsuits have already been settled with billions more waiting concerning the harmful affects of Glyphosate in our food supply. Most people who have eaten any food other than organics in the last twenty years might be besieged with Glyphosate in their brains and bodies. We just curl over and say "Oh, Hum". Public health really does not matter as long as we can continue to buy our inexpensive breakfast cereals.
     Until 1981, artificial sweeteners were considered to be too dangerous to approve for human consumption. Aspartame finally got approval after President Ronald Reagan ordered the FDA to ignore the science and approve it anyways. A political favor was due. Now over 6000 products contain this ingredient from diet sodas to "lite" foods. Profits over public health was the motto at the time.
     Take one peak inside a school cafeteria and you will notice that public health is not really that important. Chocolate milk, pizza, and pasta dominate the culinary display. While these foods might fill you up they provide very little actual nutrition. We find that it is more important that our children have something that makes them happy than something that is actually good for their health.
     Many of us grew up with the famous food pyramid issued by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture.) Unfortunately this had very little to do with public health as well. Each industry (dairy, meat, grain etc.) were arm wrestling for a greater share of the food pie. The United States government was not telling you what to eat for the greatest health benefit of your body. They were convincing you of what to buy so that each industry could maximize their profits. Milk is not good for every body. Meat is not good for every body.
     For decades our society enjoyed smoking cigarettes. This was possible on airplanes, trains, buses and in restaurants. There are still many places where smoking is fashionable. Others have turned to vaping. A vape store seems to have popped up on every corner. Vaping, while considered by some to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes, is not a rally for public health across America. Between the heavy metals and the nicotine that one is ingesting, there are many health concerns with these popular devices. Banning them, while a benefit to public health, would only hurt our economy.
     We live in a technology age that has far reaching health consequences that we continue to ignore. Every time you place your cell phone near your ear you are cooking your brain with microwave radiation. Where is the public outcry? We have 3G, 4G and 5G microwave radiation beaming into our homes twenty-four hours a day and nobody seems to care about this radiation exposure. Most people would prefer to have the fastest download speed for their Netflix films than worry about any potential cancer causing microwaves beaming at them at all times. Technology seems to come first before public health.
     We have seen a new generation of "smart meters" placed on our electric boxes in front of our homes. These are microwave repeaters that send potentially hazardous beams of microwave radiation into our bedrooms and living rooms. How many people do you see rallying in favor of public health?
     The public debate about fluoride in drinking water continues. While some water districts and most dentists embrace the use of fluoride in drinking water, this chemical waste is far from safe. Ninety-nine percent of the worlds' countries have banned fluoride in drinking water and half the water districts in America have done so as well. Half of Americans are still drinking tainted water when they drink from the fluoride spigot. Why are we not screaming about this public health issue?
     The repressors of the past have not gone so far away and are alive and well and living in our modern times. While the union of the Catholic Church and the Spanish empire might not be crushing your soul these days the concept of totalitarianism is still alive. Now we have science, Western medicine, academia, liberal politics and mothers' social media pages being used to bully us into submission.
     Unfortunately the muscled conquistadors of the past with their chiseled suits of armor and their sharpened swords have been replaced by the nerdy men and women in their white lab coats or their suits and ties. Unconscious politicians have replaced emperors in robes. The results are the same. Replaced have been the gunpowder and the swords and instead we have punishment by mandates, forced silencing of alternative information and criminalizing of dissent.
     Americans and other imperialist nations are good at colonization and intolerance. We have never been good at acceptance and public health. Lipstick on a pig does not change the fact that it is still a pig. Dark chocolate wrapped around a cow turd does not change the fact that it is still a cow turd. Unfortunately, colonialism has not gone so far away. Instead of Spanish conquistadors ruling the streets we have men and women who keep telling us to "trust the science."
     I guess the moral of the story is that when you leave the house be wary of pigs with lipstick, cow turds drenched in chocolate and men and women in lab coasts. We do not have a public health crisis. We have a crisis in confidence.