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      Well, it turns out that the story about a man who left a $1.33 tip on a $133.54 lunch in a restaurant was a hoax. Or was it? Both stories were listed on the internet. People were up in arms about the tip. There was talk of banning the customer from the restaurant, and who knows what other devious punishment was suggested? Then the listing came out that the story was a hoax, that there was a $33.54 tab run up and a 20% tip was added on the tab. Which story are we to believe? Both stories are certainly plausible, but how do we separate truth from fiction? Seems to me this is just another example of the myriad of problems the web has and will generate in years to come, for which nobody seems to have an answer as to how to prevent this even minor problem, let alone the really big global situations that are bound to arise. Is the computer age really a boon to mankind? Will the problems solved by the computer make up for the problems it creates? My opinion is no! What's yours?

Don't Forget to Tip the Waiter