The Hated Government
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 by Frank Shortt
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One thing about America is very difficult to understand. That is, the double standards of many Americans.

Government Hate Groups have sprung up all over America, especially since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Do they hate the Government or do they just hate the man who, seemingly, is trying to protect and nurture them. In the past few years I have not agreed totally with all that our Government did, but I supported the head man simply because he was the President of the greatest nation in the world, to this time! All my past relatives have fought, and some even died, in order to preserve our two party system!

It is a fact that there are foreign interests who would attack us, at the drop of a hat, if they could do so without retribution! This is not hard to understand as America becomes more and more involved in trying to police the whole world. What is hard to fathom is how that these, so called, ‘Hate Groups’ in America will be the first to criticize the American Government and even picket, riot, loot, and burn with little provocation! But, let one of them be threatened physically or in a way that might cause them to lose a little money or prestige, then see who will call on some Governmental agency to pull them out of the situation. In fact, it has been proven that a lot of these protestors are drawing Government subsidies! Talk about a double standard!

Having been raised in rural Appalachia in a poor coal mining family, I learned early on the importance of cooperation in large families. We all did our share of chores, in and out of the house, in order to make ends meet. My brothers and I brought in the coal, wood, water (we had to carry it a long way), and we did most of the gardening as dad was busy working the coal mine to provide money needed for things we could not raise or hunt for. The only time my father ever went to the county for subsidies was at a time when there was very little demand for coal, especially for ‘scab miner’ coal. When dad arrived home with the blocks of cheddar cheese, pinto beans for mom to cook, corn meal to make corn bread, flour to make biscuits, different types of canned meat, creamery butter, and even powdered milk to be used for cooking, we stood in awe of all the food put together in one place. Heretofore, dad had never asked anyone for a handout and he felt especially humbled to have to do so. Soon afterward, coal demand took an upturn, and dad was able to resume making a living, if not the greatest, for his large brood of children. At one time or another there were ten of us in the Shortt household.

Could you just imagine some families having to actually work for a living? Some have been on welfare so long that if their check is two days late they make war on Uncle Sam! Is there no pride left in America? It seems that the most industrious people are among the ranks of immigrants. They come here with nothing and pretty soon they are running a restaurant, a donut shop, or anything else their learning allows. They put some of our natural born citizens to shame. Ones I have interviewed have praised the American system of being able to go as high as one is willing to strive for. In fact, one young Vietnamese immigrant I am acquainted with is an ‘A’ student at a California university. He decided a few months ago that he would like to serve in some type of military unit to show his appreciation for being called a naturalized citizen. He now is a member of the California National Guard and proudly serves his adopted country in whatever capacity for which he is capable in his particular unit. He will soon leave for a training camp back east for further instruction.

Are governmental agencies doing people a favor by always giving and never requiring anything in return? What must this do for their self-esteem? Is hate for the Government helping the situation? As an idealist, I would hope that people would soon wake up and realize that someone else, who is maybe a little more blessed than themselves, is footing the bill for all their amenities. Could this ever happen in my lifetime?