The Greatest Tactical Maneuver of All
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Let's reconnoiter and take a look at what we have here! Why is there no mention of Russian interference in the 2016 election by leading Democrats? Did they find out they had no case against Trump, even with all his alleged lying and deceiving?

What we need here is the greatest tactical maneuver of all!

Then the heads got together and decided they needed something to hold off the Republicans until they could get their ducks in order. Nothing seemed to be working too well as Democrat candidate after candidate dropped out of the 2020 race. Looks as though Kamala Harris' camp is in a mishmash of confusion! Seems like Elizabeth Warren is backpedaling on her "Medicare for all" campaign! Elizabeth did a small tactical maneuver instead! Now she is saying that she would wait a couple of years after being elected to push for this great change in our medical coverage. Seems as though every other candidate has fallen in line with this thinking as "Medicare for all" is not being mentioned very much, if at all!

So far, 10 Democrats and one Republican have called it quits as they realized they could not compete with the 'Big Guns' as far as finances and popularity. Bernie Sanders will soon have to drop out, or else run on the Independent ticket. The one with the most staying power is Joe Biden. He is both popular and has the backing to stay the limit, win or lose, even with the Ukraine scandal waving over his head. Question is, what are the American people looking for in a president?
-Do they want another Joseph Stalin who will put them in bondage to the government?
-Do they want another Hitler who will kill millions who do not agree with his policies?
-Do they want someone who will rob them of all their finances?
-Do they want a raiser of taxes who will keep them so poor that they will never rise above it?
-Do they want someone who will allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry from another country to come and go as they please and rob the American taxpayers of their rightful medical care and benefits that we all SHOULD be getting from our Government?
-'Nuff about that!

Ole Trump has been watched in his daily bath. He has been watched as he picked up a gum wrapper on the sole of his shoe and carried it all the way to the portal of Air Force One. He has been accused of sexual harassment by practically every woman who came in contact with him on his T.V. show! Trump has been watched as to what his daily habits are. Is he able to even go to the bathroom in peace? Are all the allegations true as to his lying, thieving, conniving, and all the alleged breaches against the Constitution of the United States of America? He has been accused of hating children! He has even been accused of hating legal immigrants! This is all about a man who is already 73 years old with a family of his own! Is he still out there chasing skirts?

Now for the greatest Tactical maneuver of all! This one has wasted the time of the entire House of Representatives for many days. It has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and all on the say so of an anonymous whistleblower! Witness after witness has sat in front of the committee, swearing under oath that the testimony he or she would give would be factual and damning to the President. So far, each one has come forward with "Well, I heard from another source that Trump did this or that!" Will hearsay convict a person under our Constitution? Do the Democrats have one shred of tangible evidence that would impeach a President under our present laws? If they do, I for one wish that they would present the damning crime and get the Impeachment over with. I am sick of the suspense! I am sick of hearing every allegation of every news media in America who have not one iota of tangible evidence!

Are we at the point of an Orwellian society? Let Big Brother tell us what is right or wrong? I am at the point that I would like to see someone with the gall to step into the middle of the fray and ask, "Are any of you present without a transgression?" How many Representatives and Senators would we have left if this simple question were asked?

Or, is this, as I said before, the Greatest Tactical Maneuver of all so that time can be killed until the Presidential election year, 2020? If something does not come forth soon the whole Democratic controlled House of Representatives will go down in infamy. It will be said of them, "They began a battle that they knew they could not win because they did not have ample ammunition to begin with! They did not have the manpower to finish the job! It was only to kill some time!"
Is Trump squeaky clean? It is my opinion that no person in politics is squeaky clean even if he or she stood on their heads and spit nickels! Has every move of every politician become a tactical maneuver?