The good old days - when were they?
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        You’ve probably received more than one of those “Do you remember” videos on your computer about the wonderful 1950’s. The ones that show a picture of a 1957 Ford convertible, a television set with Lucy and Desi on the screen, a teenage girl with big hair, bobby sox and tight sweater. The type tells about how there was only one telephone in the house, usually hung on the kitchen wall. There were photos of bomb shelters, of young professional men in gray flannel suits. As the pictures flash by you see mom and dad smiling and hugging their young children. Mom stayed home and took care of the house, dad went to the office and all was ideal.
        Besides Lucy and Desi there was Ed Sullivan, Groucho Marx, Milton Berle and Kukla, Fran and Ollie on television, which was mostly black and white.
        Remember those days of long ago?
        Ever wonder what those videos will look like in the year 2030, when the sixteen year old kids of 1990 will remember their childhoods?

Take a peek at what happened in America during the 1990’s:

Iraq invades Kuwait, leading to the Gulf War.
Oakland Firestorm of 1991 kills twenty five and destroys 3,469 homes.
Bill Clinton elected president.
Northridge earthquake kills fifty seven in Los Angeles.
TWA flight explodes off Long Island, killing 230 aboard.
Oklahoma bombing kills 168, wounds 800.
224 killed in U.S. embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya.
Columbine High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado.
President Clinton is acquitted in an impeachment trial by U.S. Senate.
East and West Germany are re-united.
Pete Rose sentenced to five months for income tax evasion.
Sarah Vaughn, Pearl Bailey, Greta Garbo and Sammy Davis Jr. died.
Ebola Virus spreads in Zaire.
Mad Cow disease hits Britain.
Riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict.
JFK Jr. dies in plane accident.

The video of the “good old years” of the 1990’s would also show some of these events.

In 1990 a gallon of gas was $1.34.
Levi denim jeans in 1996 cost $34.99.
In 1990 a new house cost $123,000.
In1990 the average yearly income was $28,970.
Pork chops in 1990 were $2.99 per pound.
The 1990’s saw a world wide increase of the use, production and smuggling of the drug trade.
In the 1990’s AIDS infections increased in Africa and into the developed world.

        There were some positive things that occurred in the 1990’s – Viagra came on the market. “Titanic” became the most successful movie ever. Tiger Woods won the Masters. Scientists cloned sheep. The internet grew tremendously. A new Mustang convertible cost $14,289.
         I’m not sure I want to see the video of “Those good old years – the 1990’s.” Looking back it didn’t seem like a carefree, fun-loving, family time.
        That sixteen year old kid who lived through the 1990’s will be fifty six years old when he views the video on his computer in the year 2030.
        Compared to the 1990’s the 1950’s were the corny, family-oriented, innocent time of our lives.
        Given a choice – I’ll take those corny times of the 50’s.