The Fallen Angel
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 by Frank Shortt
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He crawled steadily upward. He used every means to conceal his true purpose. What was his goal? To be worshipped!

On reaching the pinnacle of Truth, he began drawing recruits to his cause. He blinded them by promises of prosperity, paradise, and power. His light was so bright that it blinded most of the blissful host. Had they known the consequences, they would have thought twice before succumbing to the brightness of this persuasive being. He became worshipped as a god!

Descending to another realm, he began deceiving those of that plain. Transforming himself into a light-bringer, he was able to ensconce himself into the bonds of earth. He caused mankind to make great places of worship, teaching them contrary to the Truth that he had become acquainted with, even dwelling in those same synagogues of enlightenment. These avid worshippers believed that their salvation was assured.

As time passed, large cathedrals with bright windows, soft seats, anything that would entice a person to spend an hour or two a week hearing promises of greater things. They were also taught that the great creator would appear soon and take them away to the highest heaven to live in eternal ecstasy! They were never taught where this kingdom was located.

Does this great cherub still remain? He lives in all things bright and promising! Are his weapons still aimed at the Truth? Surely, was his word of deception, and still is. Surely, a loving god would allow his offspring to do whatever they desire to make them happy! This great being knew how to lay it on thick. His desire was to deceive all mankind.

Alleged truth is the greatest tool of deceivers. We read it in our newspapers and magazines constantly. We see it in television and movies daily. Many men have been incarcerated and executed by the word ‘alleged’! The Angel of the Abyss hides in uncertain words. He has twisted his message for the soul purpose of deception. How can one avoid this ‘twister of Truth’? Always say things exactly as you see them happen. Taking someone else’s word for anything is receiving second hand news. You may ask, “Did you see certain, certain event?” No, but so and so said it was this way. By the time the story settles in, it is twisted fifty ways from sundown.

How often so many of us become entangled in our minds to the point of wanting someone else to worship us. We will use any means to make this happen. If the truth is stretched in the process, what does that matter? We are only trying to entertain, meanwhile gaining a little popularity! How many great newscasters have been found out through the years that, the story that placed them in the top-ranking journalists, was really a falsehood? This is sad, not so much for the deceiver, but for the ones who fall with him, those who have believed him and stood up for him through the years.

It is time for all top-ranking people of any field to take a long look at themselves! Are they doing something for the good of humanity, or for themselves? It has been said of many good people, if they are not corrupted before entering the public arena, they will be soon! Let us pray that it is not ourselves!