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         The United States still claims to be the shining beacon on the hill. Millions around the world have dreams of living as much of America lives. More millions involved with the world-changing “Arab Spring” want a mixture of their belief in Islam and freedom from their oppressors. Many, especially the youth, dream of living as kids do in America.
          And yet, here in America, the acrimony among us continues to build. We are becoming more and more separate from each other by the day.
          The group of Republicans vying for the presidential office are displaying a harshness and trenchancy that approximates warfare. Michelle Bachmann spews inaccuracies by the score, causing Mitt Romney and Rick Perry to rejoice in her failures. Ron Paul finds serious fault with all of his rivals for the big office. Romney stands next to Perry during the debates and listens as the Texan fumbles his way through an explanation. John Huntsman points out the shining errors in Ron Paul’s approach to government. Rick Santorum distances himself from the rantings of his fellow candidates.
           Fellow Republican Ron Paul recently portrayed Newt Gingrich as a “serial hypocrite.” Paul questions Gingrich’s conservative stance because he once dared to agree with Nancy Pelosi in her concern about climate change. Gingrich also claimed that the Medicare overhaul was “right-wing social engineering.” The nerve of Gingrich to find common ground with Democrats. Unheard of !
          Herman Cain doesn’t dare to bad-mouth his fellow candidates for fear that they will bring up, in front of the television cameras, a growing list of his embarrassing personal problems.
          All this from members of the same political party.
          One can only imagine how the airwaves will sizzle when the Democrats begin campaigning. Surely the emperor will have no clothes.
          The distrust of all Muslims wrongly grows. A Tea Party is formed and tells Republican candidates that they sign documents swearing not to raise taxes or they will find themselves facing Tea Party candidates in the next election. Meaning, follow the party line exactly or the party will abandon you.
          Self-proclaimed “have-nots” form a group of “Occupy-ers” and invade public parks around the nation – indeed, in parks around the world. The claim of the “Occupy-ers” is that they are the lowly, under-cared-for 1% of us. The more explanatory and vocal they get the more the “haves” downgrade them, portraying them as unlucky losers, bums and panhandlers, denying them the distinction of having a just cause.
          In the middle-east one country after another revolts. The poor and downtrodden are taking to the streets by the thousands. They are demanding that the opportunity to live better lives is afforded to them. The “haves” claim that all of these humblest of the humble want is a handout from government or a portion of the “haves” largess.
          As the battle of the parks continues, changing venue with each passing week, the “have-nots” march, complain, sleep as nomads in tents as the “haves” avoid mutual dialogue as though no problem exists in this land of plenty between the rich, the middle class and the poor.
          Our armies march into Iraq to save the world from tyranny and weapons of mass destruction. Shortly after the inauguration of the war our population is howling at the lies we were told. Regardless of the verity of what we were told, thousands of young Americans lay dead and scores of thousands lay crippled and injured. Over 50,000 Iraqis lay entombed in their native land, dead as a consequence of the fight for liberty that today exists in a state of precariousness. Iraq will continue to be a political subject between Democrats and Republicans. A political football. We wait for another war to resume in that far away land.
          This year we mark a decade of America fighting a war in Afghanistan. Whether our armies remain or leave, and in what numbers, is and will continue to be, the subject of an increasingly heated debate between the two parties.
          There will be no eventual right or wrong – only blame. The sides are drawn. Every decision will be the subject of partisan politics. The betterment of America will be secondary to the political gain or loss.
          America’s credit rating almost got lambasted and still may suffer due to the inability of Democrats and Republicans to sit in the same room and solve problems.
          One side says we must raise taxes on the rich if we are to survive. The other side says, “no more taxes” for any reason. They suggest that Medicare and Social Security should be cut back. Others suggest, along party lines, that government must cut back its spending. Others say that governmental spending is the only way to get our economy moving towards good health.
          In the meantime millions of Americans are without jobs. Quibbling about unemployment payments rattle inside the halls of Congress. The millions of unemployed are losing hope of finding employment as the Republicans and Democrats dare not move off their dime as it may cost them and their party votes in the coming election.
          The president of the United States is careful to assure his party that nothing of a politically dangerous nature will emanate from the White House before the coming election. Our nation’s political leaders will tip-toe through the next year, being sure that their energies and the energies of their political parties are not spent in solving our nations growing problems, but performing activities that will get them reelected.
          It is time for all Americans to rise up and demand that their elected representatives perform their duties which is to solve our nation’s problems. Having a record of non-accomplishment is cause alone to remove them from office.
          Political party be damned. America is in need of change. Come next November Americans will have in their hands the most powerful weapon democracy can offer – the ballot.
          The current politicians have proved that their one interest, of being reelected, is contrary to the interests of our nation. America is in desperate need of a serious devotion to problem solving, an area that is currently being ignored.
          Americans are urged to use their ballot to choose people who will set America back as the beacon on the hill. We need action, not another year of campaigning.