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by Ron Cruger
The danger remains
 There are some loony things going on in the world, but I’m not sure what to make of them.
          Take for example, we still have over a hundred thousand soldiers in Iraq, but it doesn’t appear that they are doing much fighting (Thank God). Most of the killing action in Iraq is caused by suicide bombers who are exploding their fellow countrymen to pieces every day. These bombers aren’t being very selective. They just find a market place filled with Iraqis, just like them, then they strap on a few pounds of explosives, screw in a detonator button and into the market place they go. They wait until there’s a crowd around them and then press the button, sending dozens of Iraqis to Islamic heaven. Most of the young men were promised, in return for turning their own bodies into small pieces of meat, a special place in heaven, catered to by seventy two virgins.
          After sending his body exploding into a couple of hundred pieces the bomber will need the aid of at least seventy two virgins to re-unite the fragments before any heavenly boy and girl games are played.
          So, we have heard that sometime this year, maybe next, the bulk of our soldiers will be leaving Iraq. There will be no signs reading, “Mission Accomplished” spread out in the airport as our soldiers march to their departing airplanes.
          I would personally contribute to the making of two big signs that our brave men and women will see as they leave Iraq.
          One sign would read, “Thanks to our wonderful men and women in the military. America appreciates all you’ve done.”
          Another sign will be left at the busiest corner in Baghdad. This one will read, “Good luck from your friends in the United States. Don’t call us – we’ll call you.”
          Does anyone really believe that Iraq is stabilized and will remain stabilized?
          Does anyone really believe that the many different religious sects in that ancient country will wave goodbye to us and put a halt to the hideous slaughter of men, women and children for the sole reason that they disagree with some of their religious beliefs?
          I wouldn’t mind if we left some Marines in Iraq. We need them to protect our oil interests and to remind Iran not to manufacture any nuclear weapons.
          Perhaps now Americans will understand that our desire to make ancient civilizations drop a couple of millennia of their past to adopt our Western way of life in a few months is a fruitless endeavor.
          Welcome home brave soldiers.
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