The Celery Juice Revolution Has Begun
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 by Jon Burras
What could be so special about celery? This is a question that many of us have asked for a very long time? However, there is a celery juice revolution happening right now. Are you going to be part of it?

Acclaimed author and health expert, Anthony William (better known as "The Medical Medium"), has brought forth through divine guidance the importance of using celery juice to detoxify and heal our bodies. He has written several books that have intensified the importance of drinking freshly juiced (not store bought) celery juice on a daily basis.
Celery is not just an obscure herb that is cut up for soup stock. According to Anthony William, celery juice holds the key to curing many of our common day illnesses. Special salts in celery juice called " cluster salts " are said to have a unique ability to act on many of the most stubborn diseases of our time.

Is it just a "bandwagon" that celebrities and health zealots have grabbed onto or is this the miracle cure that so many people have been asking for? Whatever the case, there is no better time than today to begin your celery drinking lifestyle.

Many people complain that they are not willing to invest in buying large amounts of organic celery stalks every week for weeks or months on end. The bottom line is this. Food is medicine. You can pay the farmer or pay the doctor. Most people would rather pay the doctor.
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