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          Osama bin Laden’s right hip ached. It was the same troublesome hip that had caused him to walk with a cane for the past 24 years. Today the pain was exceptional. He had taken 4 aspirin 10-minutes ago and was waiting for the relief they would bring. He sat on 2 large pillows and extended his right leg, hoping the ache would soon disappear. By his left side he fondled the stock of an automatic rifle – a Kalashnikov.
          The cave, located in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan was lit by kerosene lanterns placed every few feet. Much of the wall space was covered with thick, Oriental rugs, tacked to the cave walls. The cave, 50 feet wide, extended 75 yards into the mountainside. Beyond the 75 yards, the cave reached another 100 feet, but this area was only 2-3 feet high. Only bats and bacteria populated this dark, dripping wet rear area.
          There were 5 other men sitting around the small coal fire with Osama bin Laden. The 5 were his closest confidents. They were all Sunni Muslims. They had all known him for at least 20-years.        
          Three were from his homeland of Saudi Arabia, one was from Iran and one from Pakistan. The 6 came together only twice each year – to discuss their general plans and objectives for the next 6-months. Much of what happened in and to many nations of the world in coming months depended on what these 6 men discussed and agreed upon.
          Tonight’s meals had been prepared by two of the guards who were among the 15 men assigned to protect the 6 men inside the cave. The 15 each carried fully loaded Kalashnikov automatic rifles and side arms. Most also had at least one decorated dagger secreted inside their shirts. The 15 had dedicated their lives and honor to protecting bin Laden and his associates. They had promised Allah that they would fight to their deaths before permitting harm to come to their leaders.
Inside the cave, bin Laden’s pain was starting to ease. The aspirin had started to work. The gnawing pain in his hip was cut in half. The strained muscles in his face began to relax.
          The flickering of the small fire sent licks of light and shadows bouncing off bin Laden’s long, slender face. Feeling better, he said, “Blessed be Allah. Thank you, my closest friends for coming here. I am sorry for your long journey. We shall talk tonight, tomorrow morning and then you can be on your way home.”
          The 5 said, “Blessed be Allah and blessed be you, our revered leader. Good health to you through eternity.”
          Bin Laden offered his thanks and said, “You have each done Allah’s work during the past 6 months. Most of what we planned months ago has born fruit. The will of Allah has been expressed through your actions. Now we must plan again. We must plan a Fatwa that will further our world wide goals.”
          “The Americans are going through the motions of fighting in Iraq, but it is apparent that the American public will soon have their way and American soldiers will be marching from Iraq to the safety of their own homes. Soon Iraq will once again be the land of our brothers.”
          “Afghanistan and this land of Pakistan will soon be completely under Allah’s rule. We have sown the seeds in many of our brother’s lands. It will not be long before America sees the truth and kneels to Allah. Already, thousands of Americans are marching to urge their President Bush to remove his troops from Iraq and other lands which rightfully belong to the people of Allah.”
           “Much of the world is now ready to see the strength of Allah. This is the year when the non-believers see the might of The Holy One. Our armies have made advances in many countries, such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, even in many provinces in the People’s Republic of China our numbers are growing. There are many more countries around the globe that are beginning to see the true God, Allah. Before too many years pass most of the world will be praying to Allah.”
          “Even in America our numbers are growing. But what America needs is a powerful awakening. We must show America the power that we hold. I am asking you to begin your plans today to show the power of Allah to a handful of America’s cities. If we must kill millions of innocents to bring America to Allah then we will. Before this year is over some of the tall buildings and larger cities of America will be reduced to rubble. These Americans are not ready, not prepared to face the might of our people. These Americans live in a world of dreaming. The enemies of the one God in England, France, Spain and Germany will also feel our might this year. Our focus this year must also be the elimination of the state of Israel. Before this year ends millions around the world will see the truth and come to Allah.”
          “I ask you to return to your home countries and begin planning the attacks around the world. Today we begin our final march to bring Allah to the millions of non-believers.”
          “By the time the fires die out, by the time the dead have been counted and buried there will be an awakening that will change the world. Allah be with you.”
          At the same time bin Laden was giving instructions to his associates in the rocky mountains of Pakistan dozens of children were playing in a schoolyard in California. In London an elderly man put his arm around his wife’s shoulder as they walked alongside the river Thames. In Spain a young woman combed her hair in front of a mirror. In a small village in northern Germany a priest kneeled as he entered his church. In New York City the curtains were raised to start a Broadway play. In Chicago two young boys played catch in a vacant lot.
           In a few months their worlds could change.