The America Trump Has Inherited
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 by Frank Shortt
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        Here is a quote of what President Obama said when the House of Representatives became a Republican majority: “We (the Democratic Party) sure took a thumping last night!” It seems that this has repeated as this fiasco of 2016 has finally come to an end. Although, peace does not reign!
        Hillary Clinton had called Trump supporters, ‘Deplorables’ and this implies that if She had won the presidency, Trump’s supporters would go to the streets in protest, burning and looting, allowing their animal natures to run rampage. It is too bad that her supporters are doing just that! How must she feel as she sees fires in the streets, windows being broken as businesses become looted, and some folks being injured or killed outright? She may be too busy licking her wounds to care what happens to our cities. She could easily go on national broadcasts and ask her followers to stop this nonsense!
        If what Trump said while campaigning is true, we will have a giant wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Are there not tunnels dug underneath the fence every day? He said that there would be a ban on Moslems coming into our country even the legal ones. How did the radicals who flew planes into our most sacred buildings get into the U.S. Could they not have dug under the walls and fences already existing between the U.S. and Mexico, or even Canada? It is useless to close the gate of the corral after the cows have already gotten out!
         It was once said by one of the Hebrew prophets that any proud and haughty nation was never taken from without, but from within. Are there not forces in America right now that are undermining our form of government? Is it their intention to undo all the hard work that our former leaders have sweated to achieve? We seem to forget that one of the Babylonian kings became so haughty that he flaunted what had been spoken about his regime by another Hebrew prophet. These words were written on the wall right in front of him as he drank wine and made merry, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” which when translated read: Your days are numbered, you are weighed in the balance and found wanting, the Medes and Persians will divide your kingdom,” and they were digging underneath the walls of Babylon just as this event transpired.
        Americans have become haughty and proud! Is this because they have known such prosperity since the Second World War? There are programs that will fit the needs of any needy segment of our society, if they are only shown how to take advantage of those programs. We ride the finest automobiles, live in the finest houses with swimming pools and home theaters, our children can attend the finest schools, but something is lacking: Respect and decency toward our fellow human beings!
        While taking Amtrak from Sacramento to San Jose, one is confronted with what is happening to America as a whole. There are homeless jungles all along the tracks. Hardly a wall is left uncovered, with graffiti of all sorts. Some are even proposing the overthrow of the United States! Since the rains have begun in California, many of the homeless encampments, with all the accumulations of garbage, are surrounded and inundated by water. Not one agency has made an attempt to clean up this mess. The same graffiti has been on these walls for years. What a wonderful introduction to California any visitor is confronted with. Our politicians vowed, as they ran for office in 2016, to clean up America, to rebuild our infrastructure, and to do everything in their power to make our lives safe and comfortable. Don’t these officeholders know that every promise they make has to be paid for by the very people they made the promises to? Sounds a little ironic, doesn’t it?
        Well Mr. Trump, welcome to reality! It is very easy to live in a plush home, with maids and servants at your command, to promise voters many things that you will do for them if elected. It is a completely different deal when you have to deliver on these promises!
It would be much easier, Mr. Trump, to apologize to all the people you insulted during your campaigning. Tell the illegal immigrants of Mexico that you are sorry you suggested building a wall between them and their relatives just below us on the map. Tell all immigrants everywhere that they are welcome in America, as long as they meet our requirements of immigration. Secure our borders by helping other governments build strong economies that will not provoke their citizens to leave. My mother taught me that ‘honey draws much more flies than vinegar’! Have you ever tried a little ‘honey’ Mr. Trump?
        Repentance goes a long way in healing old wounds! Humility will allow one to enter more doors that haughtiness!
        Why not set us all an example, Mr. Trump?