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 by Norm Blackburn
That Man in the White House
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When Donald Trump was voted in as our 45th president, no one was quite sure what to expect.
He campaigned on cleaning the swamp and putting America first.
Now we face the possibility of re-electing him for a second term or moving to a more liberal president.
Here is my take on the Man in the White House.
President Trump hasn’t disappointed. He has been outspoken, using Twitter to circumvent the media he claims is against him. He has undone, or tried to, much of Obama’s two terms of what many consider as liberal, left leaning moves and take our country to a more conservative nation.
His bluster, like making Mexico pay for a wall or shaking hands with North Korean, Russian, China and other leaders have been greeted with alarm by many.
Make America Great Again is the slogan. Pulling out of treaties that put us in a disadvantage or refusing to pay millions into world organizations when other countries pay much less, ending the “war” against Al-Qaeda, restricting the thousands of immigrants flowing into our southern border and other moves have caused the Democrats to declare him of going too far.
So what do we think of this man?
He certainly is different. He says things that are foolish or untrue. But he has moved the economy up and put many people back to work including minorities. No small task. He has apparently changed some treaties that put us at a disadvantage. He has fired members of his team that he thinks have not followed his mantra.
So we have a president who has changed our country. Many think for the better, others think for the worse.
So, in November, 2020, we will decide if this is the man we want to continue to Tweet and speak at his MAGA rallies and make foreign governments cringe.
My decision is conflicted. I wish he was more presidential but glad that he has brought back more conservative values that make our country stronger and a world leader again.
It is up to you.
See you in November, 2020.