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 by Laramie Boyd
Tell Me It's My Imagination
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        Let's see now. Tell me I'm imagining that there are lies and corruption and incompetence afoot. Can these all be just coincidental to Hillary Clinton cover-ups? Is it possible one person can leave this monumental a trail of impropriety without there being a shred of truth, as she claims? Haven't the liberal voters seen and heard enough to be convinced that her "experience" is nothing but smoke and mirrors? Does the African American community really believe Hillary has their welfare at heart rather than realizing that she's just stumping for their vote. Below are some more items listed in the Desert Sun newspaper in Palm Springs to add to Hillary's and Bill's desperate race to be "the first."
        - Top Clinton aid linked to Muslim radical journal. 
        - Clayton Powell denies telling Hillary to use her private e-mails for government business, as she claims.
       - Hillary suggests Bill's in-house Oval-Office affair with Monica Lewinski was a lie fabricated by a right-wing conspiracy.
       - New York Times (liberal) writer calls Hillary a "congenital liar." 
       - Hillary amasses $45 million in a career spent mostly as a public servant. Does the Secretary of State position get that much in salary?
       - Democrats are coming out refusing to vote for Hillary.
       - New e-mails surfacing indicating donors to Clinton Foundation given preferential treatment.
       - Tell me these are not documented facts, if you can.
       - Does a rare, unapologetic "I made a mistake" cop-out really atone for another of her undeniably corrupt and incompetent behavior?
       Tell me I'm imagining that Hillary can't be trusted with the office of President or any office where the future of America is at stake. Please, tell me you believe that and I'll tell you that you probably believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. And, sadly, there's more trash about Hillary showing up every day. And word is that Donald Trump is bringing the Republican party down? If the antics of Bill and Hillary Clinton (and Barack Obama) aren't bringing the Democratic party down, I guess that surely depends on what the definition of "bringing down" is.
Can you believe this quote from a writer in the Opinion section in the Desert Sun. "...Hillary Clinton has been more accurately plagued by a lifetime of Republican accusations of controversy and scandal, none of which has ever been substantiated." I wonder where this person has been hiding since the Benghazi "What difference does it make" episode and what his requirements for substantiation are?
       I don't know about you, but my patience and serenity is wearing thin lately over the shenanigans going on at the top level of government. "Can't we all just get along" doesn't sound so bad now, no matter who might say it. Shouldn't all Americans be striving for the same goals, and expecting good governing by our elected representatives? A better, stronger, safer place for this and the next generation, and the next and the next sounds fair to me. Seems to me like the goal is merely election at any and all cost, even in the absence of honesty and integrity. For all the heartaches that's going on in the country these days, maybe Merle Haggard, bless his heart, had a good idea after all when he sang "Think I'll just stay home and drink." Hmmmm!